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EasySocial Badges, BuddyPress Plugins, HTML5 Geolocation & Custom Map Styles


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We are happy to announce new updates for JReviews 2.5, for both Joomla and WordPress. In addition to bug fixes and changes for improved compatibility with 3rd party extensions and javascript loaded by them we also have some new features.


For WordPress we developed MyListings, MyFavorites and MyReviews plugins for BuddyPress. These are bundled in the download package from the client area and need to be installed using the WordPress Plugin Installer. You need to update to the latest release in order to use these plugins.


For Joomla we integrated EasySocial badges using the EasySocial Achievements API. There's a large number of possibilities to choose from and we've put together a quick documentation article to help you get started with this functionality http://docs.reviewsforjoomla.com/?title=Setup_EasySocial_Achievements


Previously we've also rolled up new updates for GeoMaps for JReviews 2.5 (Joomla & WordPress) with a couple of new features:


* HTML5 geolocation for proximity searches. A cross-hair icon automatically appears inside the proximity search input allowing even mobile phone users to quickly search for places near their location. The feature can be seen here http://demo.reviewsforjoomla.com/city-guide


* Custom Map Styles. As announced via newsletter we've incorporated a powerful yet simple to use customization feature for maps. Now you can change the color scheme of your maps and disable specific labels, like points of interest. You can generate your own styles using the Google Maps Styles Wizard or grab a ready-to-use example from Snazzy Maps. The new styles feature can be found in the GeoMaps Configuration/Maps tab. We've used one of the Snazzy Maps color schemes on the demo site which you can see in the module at the bottom of the page http://demo.reviewsforjoomla.com/







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