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Another bug fix release for JReviews 2.1.01 (166)


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This is the 2nd release today! If you have a previous 2.1.01 version you must upgrade to build 166. Below the changelog:



[tt] - released july 8, 2010


!Changed: Minor adjustments to comparison css in list.css

#Fixed: Facebook wall posts not working for Everywhere reviews and helpful votes.

#Fixed: Listing total is wrong in the admin browse page.

#Fixed: Some field types not saving values correcly when submiting/editing listings (/controllers/listings_controller.php)

#Fixed: Cannot edit listings when duplicate title check is enabled (/controllers/listings_controller.php)

#Fixed: FB posts not working when sef enabled (/controllers/facebook_controller.php)

#Fixed: Special characters appear garbled in the comparison slideout dashboard. Changes required to all list layout themes (listings_blogivew|tableview|thumbview).


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