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I too need pagebreaks.  I am using JReviews for fiction submissions to be rated.  I must have a way for each listing to be divided into Chapters.  The users must be able to divide the listings themselves from the front end.  The ways I have thought to accomplish this are simple pagebreaks in description text or custom fields text box for additional chapters which would display in tabs.  However each has a roadblock.


I have installed the full TinyMce Editor with all plugins but the Pagebreak button doesn't work. (http://www.reviewsforjoomla.com/forum/index.php?topic=6843.0)

I have investigated using tabs to display custom fields text boxes for additional chapters, but I can't use TinyMce in custom fields so there is no way for a user to format the text. (http://www.reviewsforjoomla.com/forum/index.php?topic=10125.0) Also the chapters would be limited to how many tabs I hardcode into the template.  Would be better to have unlimited.


Here you say it is possible to divide into subpages but with no mention of what the code is? http://www.reviewsforjoomla.com/forum/index.php?topic=3055.0


I see that someone has managed pagination here but I cannot figure out how they did it: http://www.reviewsforjoomla.com/forum/index.php?topic=7331.0


Would love some help with this, thanks so much!


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Even without an editor in textarea custom fields, you can enable html for them in case that's an option. There's a tutorial on automatically generating tabs for field groups in the submit form, but you could try to use a similar approach for the detail page if that works for you:




Typically to add page breaks you would use any of these tags to start the break:



That is what the pagebreak plugin is looking for to create the TOC

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Posted (edited)


short question.

are pagebreaks actually possible with jreviews?


i tested it, but a pagebreak will crash my listing detail page.

for example, when i insert:

<hr class="system-pagebreak" title="page-2" />

into an "banner" field or in the textarea, all module positions are false

see screenshots


best regards, tom


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