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American Joomla Developer/Web Strategist Freelancer (+10 years experience w/JReviews)

Jonathan Roseland

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Hello fellow JReviewers!

I'm open to working with a few new JReviews clients. I have +10 years working with Joomla and JReviews, this video describes 6 different business models that work with JReviews (I made it a while back when I was NOT a great vlogger - but it does a decent job breaking down the different ways I've learned to use JReviews)

I do NOT outsource my JReviews work to anyone else, I'm not a middleman. You would be dealing directly with me. My competitive advantage as a JReviews develop is that I know it and Joomla very well, and I can work quickly to bring your vision to life online. Hard won experience has also taught me about all the costly mistakes to be avoided in creating and launching JReviews website.

My two best JReviews portfolio sites are mine...

LimitlessMindset.com - Anti-aging/health authority website. Features a ratings/review directory of products and a geodirectory.

MarketplaceGOLD.com - A geodirectory of merchants accepting cryptocurrency.

I've created a playlist of video tours of different websites I've created over the years, here (I got kicked off Youtube for have interesting opinions)

I'm an American dude living with his hot wife in Eastern Europe (where I have very FAST internet!) I'm pretty busy working on my own websites so I'm pretty selective about about the clients I take on. I like working with start-ups and people that might need some insight on marketing and business model - particularly content marketing. I've got about a decade of experience doing content marketing and can probably help you not waste your time. My web development/consulting rates reflect my experience and busyness with my own stuff BUT are not astronomical, if you've only got $500 or $1000 budget, I'd direct you to some of the outsourced JReviews teams out there. I can provide a lot of value as a holistic web strategy guy but I also don't mind doing the dirty work fixing bugs in Joomla and optimizing for SEO. I do not begin relationships with clients with "sweat equity" deals. I accept payment in Paypal but prefer cryptocurrency (it's the future!)

I'm a Joomla guy, not a big fan of Wordpress - it would have to be an AMAZING project for me to work with Wordpress, thanks for your understanding.

Contact me on Linked or drop me an email ([email protected]) with some details about your project and I can get on a Skype call with you.

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