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I have something I wanted to do, but not sure if JReviews is configurable to this.. I'm not sure how to go about it, I went over the document, I just don't know.. so please forgive my ignorance, if you can just point me in the right direction, it would help me a lot.

I want to list restaurants for review, but I want to be able to review each dish offered by the restaurant.. Now it would be great, if all the individual dishes could accumulate into an average rating for the restaurant, but I suppose that is secondary to being able to list a restaurant with address/location and then list all the dishes they offer to which we can then review/rate each dish.

Does that make sense? I mean I suppose I can try to explain it like it's a movie, in an action category, which then has many movies I can add and review.. but then the restaurant would be category, but the category doesn't have an address/location.. i just feel a little stuck here, and not sure if what i want to do is possible. 

can anyone know , point me to something that would help me?

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