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Hi there!

I have used Jreviews from 2 years now, and i admit that Jreviews is the best Component/Plugin in the market!  I have started working with Joomla from 15 years and never found a component such Jreviews. 

Anyway, my name is Laert and i have been working online from years now, designed and built lots of websites for clients all over the world. I work fast and friendly!  Im free to work for any website, Joomla or Wordpress (I do suggest Joomla), also with Jreviews. 

I can work by hourly rate or project based. We can have discussion via skype in:   plethora.online

Websites i have built: 

https://www.apartmentreview.com.au/category/sydney/    (Wordpress Jreviews Site)

https://eduaktiv.al/programet/bachelor   (Joomla Jreviews Site - some spamming countries might be blocked, India, Bangladesh, china, etc...)

Well, Let me know guys, and stop checking around... im right here! 🙂






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