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Hello Jreviewers, 

We have started 1 month ago the development of a new addon named  CareerDirect. In this Addon everyone of you can create personality tests, and based on results of the tests Jreviews will suggest you categories of listings, and also exact listings based on that category.

We are using this addon for our portal, from where the students based on the personality test results, the system suggests them the Study Fields and also the listings based on those fields, we have prepared the test and we are making the last final tweaks. 

This addon can also be used for Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Places, Events and a lot more... 

The idea of the addon is when a user doesnt know what he wants or he doesnt have any suggestion, so he can answer some questions, and then based on his need, he gets the results...

This way you find user interests and make the site more interactive, make people stay more on the site, and with some easy steps they can get what they need based on the answers they put.





categories management.jpg




question creation.jpg




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