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Affiliate relationship

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So far, so good.  Another question.

I'm looking at creating several categories, some will be charitable associations, some businesses, some products (devices/tools), some people that specialize in something, and another for medical treatments or pharmaceuticals.

I'd like to have many to many relationships between them.  For example, a doctor can be affiliated with a few of the associations or businesses and specialize with certain tools/devices and doing clinical trials with certain pharmaceuticals.  Each of those items should be able to refer to any of the other listings they are affiliated with.

Can this relationship be done with custom fields?  Or do you have a way to tie the information together?

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You can create relationships using a common field across multiple listings and also by the related listing custom field. There's more on this in the documentation.



What you cannot have are indirect relations. So if a doctor X is related to listing A, and listing A is related to listing B, then doctor X is not automatically related to listing B.

On the demo site, we use a related listing custom field for venues in events and we display events in venues and the venue in the event.


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That's awesome that its there.  I didn't see it in the documentation.

Say I have hospitals that have many doctors.  Some doctors are affiliated with multiple hospitals.  Can a doctor be child of multiple hospitals?


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