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Daniel Schmitz

Acymailing plugin

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I know this is not related to code you did NOT create but it my be of interested for other users that use acymailing + jreviews. Right now the plugin has some "old" code in it so newsletter creation does not work, error is shown as in attachment. I have already asked to acymailing team to create a new version of plugin.

Error: Class "ConfigComponent" not found



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Hi Carl,

Just emailed with them yesterday regarding this issue. There did not start working on this. There are some problems creating a jreviews testing site on their end.

I will set up a testing site next week and provide access to acyba team and hopefully they can update the plugin soon.

Regards Daniel 

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I believe that you can easily implement this yourselves using a JReviews 3 event listener for the "listing was first published event". All you need to do is define the event listener provider and add your listener. It goes in overrides and doesn't touch any core functionality.  You just need to use the code provided by AcyMailing to create the newsletter, etc.

1. First you need to create a new listener provider in overrides:


I use the update event for testing, but it's commented below because I only want the newsletter code to execute on new listings

defined( 'MVC_FRAMEWORK') or die;

use Clickfwd\Listener\ListenerProvider;

class AcymailingListenerProvider extends ListenerProvider
	protected $listen = [
		'JReviews\Events\ListingWasFirstPublished' => [
		'JReviews\Events\ListingWasUpdated' => [
			// 'JReviews\Listeners\CreateAcymailingNewsletter',

2. Then you create the AcymailingListenerProvider listener that will execute when the ListingWasFirstPublished event is triggered.


The code below is just for illustration purposes to help you get started.

namespace JReviews\Listeners;

defined( 'MVC_FRAMEWORK') or die;

use JReviews\Listeners\Traits\ListenerSetting;
use Clickfwd\Listener\QueueableListener;
use League\Event\EventInterface;


class CreateAcymailingNewsletter extends QueueableListener
    use ListenerSetting;

	protected $queue = false;

     * Execution delay in seconds
     * @var int
    protected $queue_delay = 5*60;

    public function handle(EventInterface $event)
		$listing = $event->getListing();

		if ( $listing )
			 	echo 'This code can not work without the AcyMailing Component';
			 	return false;
			//We create the Newsletter element that we will save in the database.
			//You can use all fields from the database the same way we do it with subject and body.
			$mail = new stdClass();
			//Subject of your Newsletter
			 $mail->subject = $listing['Listing']['title'];
			//Body of your Newsletter... the text version will be automatically generated from this html version.
			 $mail->body = $listing['Listing']['summary'].$listing['Listing']['description'];
			//ID of the template attached to this Newsletter so the CSS defined in that AcyMailing template will be applied to your Newsletter.
			$mail->tempid = 4;
			$mailClass = acymailing_get('class.mail');
			//the save function returns you the ID of the inserted Newsletter so you can then use it to insert e-mails in the queue.
			$mailid = $mailClass->save($mail);          

3. Clear the file registry in JReviews so it can recognize the new files.

I copied the acymailing code directly from their dev docs so I don't know if that will work as is.

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Hi Daniel & Alejandro

Thank you both for your responses.

I am in touch with Acyba and have pointed them to this forum post.  I have also offered them access to CapeInfo's development domain for testing purposes.

Kind regards, Carl

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