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Daniel Schmitz

User profiles addon

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Hi Alejandro,


Kind of presales question : I need profiles that can be created by users of a certain usergroup. Profiles should be hidden if user is removed from usergroup. Possible?

Regards Daniel

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The add-on doesn't have this capability because the visibility of listings on the site is completely unrelated to the user group of the listing owner and the database queries that lookup the listings in pages do not take into consideration the user group of the listing owners.


If you don't mind showing the listings in list pages, you could add some custom code in the detail page theme file to redirect to a different page or output some message without showing the content.

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Hi Alejandro,


thank you.

Or could I do some kind of workaround:

- limit access to profile creation/editing to a certain usergroup (B)

- set up a script/cron that will unpublish all listings of users that lost membership of B and fell back to user group A

- users can "buy" access to user group B and publish their profile again




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I've achieved a lot using a combination of JR, Os Membership, Userprofiles. The ability in Jreviews to fine-tune access and views works very well with the ability to move users into and out of groups using OSM.

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