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Bodo Lamprecht

1146 Table 'web51_db40.#__jreviews_criteria' doesn't exist

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Hello Alexandro


I have re-installed Joomla 3.8.3 and JReviews.

When installing JReviews 3.0 beta, the following error message appears:


1146 Table 'web51_db40.#__jreviews_criteria' doesn't exist






No tables were created.

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Alejandro, I have this error as well. 

1146 Table 'database_2015.#__jreviews_criteria_ratings' doesn't exist

I believe my last install was 2.4 something.  Where can I get a copy of 2.7 to install?

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Hi. It's not really the same error, but I made the 2.7 download available for the time being so you can find it in the client area. You'll need to install that and follow the instructions in the documentation and run the ratings migrator add-on.

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