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Gert Biljard

overrides for Add-on (Paidlisting) PHP Files

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I have made some overrides for JReviews PHP Files.
Can i also make overrides for Add-on (Paidlisting) PHP Files and/or Add-on translation files like:


Regards Gert

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Overrides for add-on PHP files are the same as for JReviews. You would just place them together in the same folder structure as you do for JReviews.  For the language file, there's only a single language override file that you will use for JReviews and Add-ons and you place any language strings you want to change there. This is explained in more detail in the documentation.

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According to the documentation:
If I want to customize this theme file:
it would go into the folder:


I don't yet find and understand in which 'jreviews overrides' folder for example the next file is going.

../jreviews_overrides/ .......


I look forward to hearing from you.


Best Regards

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