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How to use PayFast in South Africa

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Hi all,


Just wanted to share a semi-automatic way of using PayFast with Paidlistings

This uses the offline handler


Assumptions :

You have a Payfast account

You sell using one price (makes no difference on my site)

You don't want your customers to go through the tedious process of adding you as a banking beneficiary

This trick helps to get the ball rolling. After this you'd ask regular customers to direct EFT payments etc.



Do this

Use the offline handler. Customize the info and let your customers know they can pay through PayFast or EFT

Generate a Pay Button in Payfast for email (single payment)

In Paidlistings, go to Notifications, select Single Payment Notification and edit the template for User Notifications. 

Add the html code for the payment button to the email, where you want

There you go


Your customer receives an email with a link to pay. They get taken to the Payfast site and can choose their payment method as per PayFast


You can do this for Subscription also on both sides (PaidListings and Payfast)

The rest is manual on your side since Payfast now sends confirmation


Problem solved


Hope this helps

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