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Is it possible to remove or hide the rapid launcher addon?


Was doing some updates and the page was not quite finished refreshing I clicked to update the GeoMaps addon when the page jumped actually clicked on the rapid launcher and installed it.




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I checked this a while back and It doesn't show in the addon manager, only addons I paid for can be managed that are installed. The migration addons also don't show in the manager.


I removed the install that I accidentally installed already if that's what you mean. I don't want it as an option in the list to install or be able to hide it in the list as well as the migration addons I will not use.


Or maybe move it down below where the other not so important addons are and only have the active ones at the top in a separate block so this mistake is less likely to happen.



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If no solution to hide unneeded addons or even just to be able to hide them, how about a sorter to be able to arrange these out of the way?


Either way thanks for the response.



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I am afraid not anytime soon.. There are a thousand things to work on and this one would be at the very bottom. What I could do, also at a later date, is add a CSS class name to the container for each add-on. Then you can use CSS or some fancy Chrome extension to automatically hide them.

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