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Private Maps and Downloadable tracks

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I haven't used this program in a while and was wondering if I can make a map site where users can submit gps tracks that would show up on a listing somehow. 


I had an issue with google maps and marking pages private and then the API doesn't work. Looks like you have to pay to make google maps show up only for paid users?

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If you allow attachments for your listings and include the KML extension as a valid attachment then you can upload KML files that will get automatically loaded as layers on the map. You also need to set an address and have a marker appear on the map to set that as the map's center.


According to the Google Maps API TOS:

9.1.1 General Rules.

  1. Free access (no fees). Subject to Section 9.1.2 (Exceptions), your Maps API Implementation must be accessible to the general public without charge and must not require a fee-based subscription or other fee-based restricted access. This rule applies to Your Content and any other content in your Maps API Implementation, whether Your Content or the other content exists now or is added later.
  2. Public access (no firewall). Your Maps API Implementation must not operate (i) only behind a firewall; or (ii) only on an internal network (except during the development and testing phase); or (iii) in a closed community (for example, through invitation-only access).

So there's that. 

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