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Email My List?

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We will be purchasing the My Lists add on this week but had a quick question about it.


If a user has elected to set the list as public is it possible for that user to share a link to view his list to a public user? That is, will a list have a unique link for each user/list or will the menu item only display the logged in user's saved items?


I like the way that Amazon has a share button and allows the user to send an email to someone who may not be a registered site user so that they can view the registered users saved list. The list items do not need to display in the email but would need just a link to the sender's saved list.

I would like to create this for my site.

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The links for the lists each have unique ids which allow for sharing. Below there are two examples. The first one is for a sitewide list that is defined by the administrator. This one includes the list id and the user id.  The second one is a user created list which just needs the list id since that list belongs to that specific user and the add-on can figure that out internally.





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Any built in share button in jreview? Possible for another user to one click copy the list into his own list?

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