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Advanced filtering module tweaks

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Here are a couple tweaks for the Advanced Search module that Daniel.de was kind enough to share (thank you for that!). They really make a big improvement in the appearance of the module in my opinion.



1. You can specify a maximum height for the filter sectors in the module so in the case where you have many select-able values it does not become very tall and messy looking. To do so add the below code in a custom css.

.jrCheckboxFilter .jrFilterUnselected, .jrLinkFilter .jrFilterUnselected {    max-height: 200px;}
2. To prevent field the filtering module from displaying the selected field values from being displayed like in the below screenshot (Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Can....) add the below code in a custom css.



p.jr-selected-filters-preview.jrSelectedFiltersPreview {    display: none;}
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