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Vasilij Zadov

Submit listing doesn't work after JReviews release

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Hi guys,


I have just updated my jReview site to the latest JReviews  release and the submit new listing page doesn't work anymore.


This is the error im getting:

Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in /home/content/09/10825309/html/rentsay/wp-content/plugins/jreviews/jreviews/controllers/listings_controller.php on line 606

Any Ideas?

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If you are using PHP 5.3 or PHP 5.4 that's most likely the reason. Unfortunately, we no longer test against this version and soon will drop support for it. Try replacing that file with the one attached (unzip first).


Please confirm so we can implement the change in the next update.


WordPress path:




Joomla path:




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Thanks Alejandro, that has fixed the issue. I am currently running PHP 5.3, but I can move to 5.4, if that is the version you will be supporting?


There are few other things I have noticed:


In "Fields Manager", if I edit the existing field, if doesn't let me change (or even click) on the "type" dropdown. It works when I create a new one, but doesn't work for the existing ones.




Can you please advice if its linked to the PHP version? Also, which version you are recommending as I can move to PHP 5.4 right now and see if that helps. 

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The minimum recommended PHP version is 5.4, but if you are upgrading you might as well go to 5.6.  This new thing you are seeing with the field type is not a bug, that's the way it's always worked. You can only change the field type for certain fields after you created them, and text fields are not one of them. If you edit a select list  you'll see options to change the field type for them. This has to do with compatibility of the database table column datatype and actual data stored on those fields so transforming one field into another is not always possible.

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