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Hi, My Name is Steven Johnson from Intown Web Design


We have been working with jReviews for over 2 years, and have become very familiar with:


  • Review Website Design and jReviews Installs
  • jReviews Cutom Fields Design and Layout
  • jReviews Custom Templates using the patTemplate System.
  • Implementing all the jReviews modules (Dashboard, Range, Fields, etc...)
  • Complete Joomla Installs and Customization
  • SEO and specifically Joomla SEO Components and Techniques



We are now providing services specifically to jReviews users which include:


  • jReviews Install and Setup (Including Complete Joomla Installs)
  • jReviews Custom Fields Design Consultation
  • Custom jReviews Template Design and Modifications (patTemplate)
  • 3rd Party Advertiser and  Application Integration
  • jReview Content Gathering and Data Entry



Intown Web Design has created many unique websites using the flexible layout of Joomla (see our Joomla portfolio below) and now we are providing that same level of expertise to jReviews


Learn more about our jReviews Support Services at Intown Web Design.


If you are interested in learning more about how Intown Web Design can help with your jReviews and Joomla needs contact us at info@intownwebdesign.com


Joomla Website Portfolio



jReviews Specific Websites


  • www.ipodspeakerreviews.com
  • www.joomlahostingreviews.com
  • www.paper-shredder-reviews.com

More to be listed (confirming permission to link to them)


Thank you for your time!  Let us know if we can help you out.




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