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Jonathan Roseland

Integrating Rich Media Content, Affiliate Marketing & Mobile with JReviews

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Jonathan Roseland

I'm accepting a few clients for JReviews development and marketing campaigns. I have +5 years working with Joomla and JReviews, this video describes 6 different business models that work with JReviews.


Includes a NINJA text marketing strategy at 27:35


1:16 What is JReviews? Why is it the best?

4:10 Google Maps on website

Online business models that work with JReviews:

5:29 City directory

8:00 Ratings & reviews website

9:36 & 17:43 Product comparison website

10:50 Affiliate website

11:52 Ecommerce marketplace

13:55 Social network

15:05 Conversion optimized sales pages

Working with Jonathan, Joomla and Jreviews:

18:43 45 days of support for any small changes or tweaks

19:16 Joomla 101 session where I teach you to use the content management system

20:10 Instructional tutorials

21:20 Mobile technology

21:45 Android/iPhone versions of the site for when people are searching on their mobile phones

22:47 Android/iPhone/Blackberry bridge to app functionality

25:23 Android/iPhone admin apps

26:14 I don't outsource anything...

26:30 Rich Media Content Campaigns

More Info: http://www.roselanddigitalagency.com/rich-content-production.html

16:00 & 27:07 Infographics


27:35 Tactic for integrating Text marketing and rich media content marketing (Ninja stuff!)

31:21 JR Tips Video Webisode

32:45 How much does it cost?

My Portfolio


Check My References


Call or email me for a quote on your Joomla project:

My Phone # (720) 924-1872

My Email is JR (at) RoselandDigitalAgency (dot) com

My Skype jonathan.roseland

More Info http://www.roselanddigitalagency.com/joomla-web-design-development/206-jreviews-development.html


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