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  1. mike-1518890702

    Alphabetize Directories Manager

    Good lord... when you said it I realized how obvious it was. Thank you and apologies for the easy one! 😀
  2. mike-1518890702

    Alphabetize Directories Manager

    I would like to have the Directories Manager be alphabetized instead of ordered as it is. (See attachments) On backend I couldn't care less, but on the front end the ordering is all over the place and it's better for us to have it alphabetized. How can I do this?
  3. What is the best way to change the format of the publication date and expiration date which is default at yyyy-mm-dd. I would prefer it to be mm-dd-yyyy. Do I need to go to a theme file to adjust this or is it a simple setting? I searched in the places I thought it might be and couldn't find it!
  4. mike-1518890702

    Mapping in Listing Page

    I noticed some of the GeoMapping maps at the bottom of the listing will have a full width map and some will be 50% map and 50% google street view. Is this a setting I can select or is it automatically done based on Google? I provided a picture of the 50/50 split view.
  5. mike-1518890702

    Changing Submission Instructions

    Hello! I was curious how I can change the "Submission Instructions". I was hoping to change the CSS appearance as well as the content to meet our client's needs. How do I do this?
  6. mike-1518890702

    Comparison Pop Up Location

    Is it possible to make the pop up screen higher? Like raise it up a little bit?
  7. mike-1518890702

    Comparison Pop Up Location

    Is there a way to place the comparison pop up that is on the bottom of the page (when multiple comparison items are selected) anywhere else on the page? We utilize another "dock" system down there and I was curious if it could be placed on the side or at the top instead of the bottom where it gets covered currently with our docking system.

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