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  1. Jurre10

    Subscription and upgrade expiration

    Ok thanks. Exactly what i thought.
  2. When i have a base plan with subscription (paypal or stripe) and this plan has an expiration date, for example 3 months. And i have an upgrade for this base plan (upgrade never expires, because else not visible via the upgrade button). I want to know when a customer buys an upgrade and the 3 months are almost over. The customer is then automatically charged for a new period of 3 months. Is the upgrade then expired or remains the same? Because it is set to never expire and the listing also then doesn't expires through the new charging for the listing. Regards, Jur
  3. Done that, it's now fixed. :)
  4. Jurre10

    Override account_changes.thtml

    Thanks, it works well now.
  5. If I want to change this file: account_changes.thtml for language purpose in which override folder? I've tested it in: /jreviews_overrides/views/themes/mytheme/userprofiles/emails and /jreviews_overrides/views/themes/mytheme/userprofiles/ Unfortunately, it remains in English so the override does not work.

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