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  1. thank you, i solved the problem now.

    an other question to maps:

    ist the "get directions" feature on listing detail page off?

    when i go to the demo-page (https://demo.jreviews.com/events/venues/stadiums/pizza-hut-park) there is no "get directions", also on my listing detail pages. with firebug i see

    <div class="jr-directions-address jrDirectionsAddress jrHidden">

    . So this feature is hidden. when i remove the jrhidden, i see the "get directions", but it doesnt work.

  2. 1 minute ago, Alejandro said:

    The way this was implemented was through changes in the theme files for the modules. If you open the theme file for listings module you'll find this code:

    if ($isMobile)
    	// Show 1 listing in 1 column on mobile devices
    	$columns = 1;
    	$limit = 1;

    So that overrides the module settings with those values. For now you would need to edit the theme and change it. What I will do for the next update is add new settings to all modules that will allow you to set different values for total, limit and columns just for mobile. It will alsoย be necessary to update all the module theme files to remove the code above so the new settings can be used.


    okay, i unterstand.

    thank you Alejandro, great work ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best regards, Tom

  3. Hello,

    since jreviews 3 i have following problem

    with mobile phone, i must swap to left or right, if i would see the next listing page. See examples on attachment

    Before jreviews 3 i hade on mobile the listing pages among themselves.

    My examples are shortcode and calendar module. For example, when there are 50 listing pages on a date, than the user must swith a very long time to see all listing pages with this dates, thats not user friendly. Is there an opinion, that i can use the "old method", where i see all listing pages as in the desktop version?


    Link to the examples

    calendar module https://www.hdsports.at/laufkalender

    short codes https://www.hdsports.at/halbmarathon/halbmarathons-in-oesterreich-termine


    best regards, tom



  4. hey,

    i have troubles with the filter module (example: www.hdsports.at/laufkalender) in mobile devices

    as you can see in the screenshot, the filter-button is behind the top-menu. so the user cant use the filter. i want to place the filter-button on the bottom (unter "Bewerbe")

    but i dont know, where i can make these changes. can anyone help me, where i can do these changes?

    Best regards, tom


  5. hello, i used this for a checkboxes field


    $options = $DB->setQuery('
            #__jreviews_fields AS Field
        LEFT JOIN
            #__jreviews_fieldoptions AS FieldOption ON Field.fieldid = FieldOption.fieldid
            Field.name = "'.$field['name'].'"
        ORDER BY
            FieldOption.text ASC
    $selected = array();
    foreach ($output AS $key=>$val)
        $selected[strip_tags($val)] = $val;
    $newOutput = array();
    $selectedKeys = array_keys($selected);
    foreach ($options AS $key=>$val)
        if (in_array(strip_tags($val), $selectedKeys)) {
            $options[$key] = sprintf('โœ” %s',$val);
        else {
            $options[$key] = sprintf('<span class="jrUnselectedOption"><font color="#A4A4A4">ย ย ย %s</font></span>',$val);
    return array_values($options);

    i want to set following before the output


    in an other field i worked with that code

    return 'Anmeldung'. $total;

    but in this code this doesnt work. i dont find a way, that i get the "Anmeldung" before the array_values(options). i think i must adapt somethin on "return array_values($options);", but i dont know what ๐Ÿ˜ž

  6. Hey, i have a "List Page" with "Type of menu" = "My Favorites"

    and i think that the fields "Custom Parameters for Custom List only", "Custom WHERE for Custom List only" and "Custom ORDER BY for Custom List only" doesnt work for "my favourites"

    i have other list pages with type of menu "Custom Lists" and the Customs Where, orderd by and Custom Paramters workes fine, but when i enter some parameter in a "my favourites" list page than, it has no effect.

    i wanted to add some fields to the "sort function" and i wanted a custom ordered by, but id doesnt worked. is there a way, to make that possible?

    Best regards, tom!

  7. hello Alejandro,

    when i create a new listing page, than it works.

    but when i edit an existing listing page, which already has coordinates, than it doesnt work. i delete the coordinates and click on "map it", and than i get the error, that there was no adress found. can you test this on your demo site?

  8. Hey,

    in the last time i have sometimes troubles with map it (generate latitude and longitude) of adresses.

    i have following settings in geomap:

    Address 1 field: jr_exakteadresse
    City field: jr_ort
    State field: jr_bundesland
    Postal Code Field: jr_plz
    Country field: jr_land
    latitude field: jr_latitude
    longitude field: jr_longitude
    Map it field: jr_exakteadresse

    for example, in one listing i had entered following in the fields:

    jr_land: Schweiz
    jr_bundesland: Schwyz
    jr_ort: Gersau
    jr_plz: 6442
    jr_exakteadresse: Talstrasse 32

    When you search for "Talstrasse 32, 6442 Gersau" in Google you see the map with the adsress.

    in the past, it works the generate the latitude and longitude when i click on the map it button. but now i get the error that the adress was not found.

    i thought the reason is, that i dont use my Google API after google want money for that. but when i enter some other adresses, than i can generate the latitude and longitude. So i think, this is not the reason and i dont really know, what i do wrong ๐Ÿ˜•

    than, i tried to generate a new listing with that adress above, and it works. than i go back to the existing listing und tried to generate the latitude and longitude, and it also works... i also do this steps with other adresses, where i cant generate the latitude and longitude. but i doent unterstand the reason of this process...

    best regards, tom

  9. On 11/2/2018 at 10:25 PM, Alejandro said:

    Currently working on the new next gen Maps Add-on that will support several map providers. Initially OpenStreetMaps, Mapbox and Google will be included. This isn't just a tweak of the GeoMaps Add-on, it's a pretty major re-write. While GeoMaps was built entirely around Google Maps, the new Maps Add-on is going to be built around flexibility to select from multiple providers. The available features will be dependent on the provider chosen. For example, static maps for covers are not available for OSM because there isn't a reliable free service for this.

    I can't provide any estimates as to when this will be completed, but just wanted to share the news here that the work is ongoing.

    cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hello,

    actually i cant create the custom field "Text".

    when i click in fields manager on "New" and i click on save than i see for a short time "processing" but it doesnt saved the field.

    i have only this problem with the custom field "Text" and only when i create a new one. When i save an existing field, than it works...

    best regards, tom

  11. Hey, i tried to import following file

    "Listing ID","Listing Title","Land (jr_land)","Bundesland (jr_bundesland)","Ort (jr_ort)","Ort PLZ (jr_plz)","KameraID (kameraid)","Standort (jr_standortderwebcam)","Kamera Hรถhe (jr_ jr_hohederkamera)","Kamera X (jr_latitude)","Kamera Y (jr_longitude)","Tags (jr_webcamkategorie)","MediaPlayer Thumbnails (jr_mediaplayerthumbnails)","MediaPlayer Thumbnails 38 (jr_mediaplayerthumbnails38)","Cover-Bild","MediaPlayer v3 (jr_mediaplayerv3)","MediaPlayer v3 360 (jr_mediaplayerv3360)","MediaPlayer Thumbnail 360 (jr_mediaplayerthumbnail360)","feratel.com (jr_feratelcom)","Spalte1"
    "","El Forn","Andorra","Canillo","Canillo","AD100","15065","El Forn","2000","42.555964","1.615544","Skigebiet,Wintersportorte","http://wtvthmb.feratel.com/thumbnails/15065.jpeg?dcsdesign=WTP_HDsports.at&design=v3","http://wtvthmb.feratel.com/thumbnails/15065.jpeg?t=38&dcsdesign=WTP_HDsports.at&design=v3","http://wtvthmb.feratel.com/thumbnails/15065.jpeg?t=38&dcsdesign=WTP_HDsports.at&design=v3","http://webtv.feratel.com/webtv/?design=v3&pg=BD69DDCE-18F3-440A-B9ED-FA277235CF81&cam=15065","http://webtv.feratel.com/webtv/?design=v3&t=9&pg=BD69DDCE-18F3-440A-B9ED-FA277235CF81&cam=15065","http://wtvpanothumb.feratel.com/panothumb/15065.jpeg?dcsdesign=WTP_HDsports.at&design=v3","http://www.feratel.com/orte/ortid/B2710894-C096-4ED2-AFED-1AB8A8B1652A/webcam/andorra/canillo/canillo.html","xxx"
    "","Pi de Migdia","Andorra","Canillo","El Tarter","AD100","15045","Pi de Migdia","2100","42.568333","1.643333","Wintersportorte","http://wtvthmb.feratel.com/thumbnails/15045.jpeg?dcsdesign=WTP_HDsports.at&design=v3","http://wtvthmb.feratel.com/thumbnails/15045.jpeg?t=38&dcsdesign=WTP_HDsports.at&design=v3","http://wtvthmb.feratel.com/thumbnails/15045.jpeg?t=38&dcsdesign=WTP_HDsports.at&design=v3","http://webtv.feratel.com/webtv/?design=v3&pg=BD69DDCE-18F3-440A-B9ED-FA277235CF81&cam=15045","","","http://www.feratel.com/orte/ortid/B7FC9361-60CE-44B6-A9E0-77C596E6081D/webcam/andorra/canillo/el-tarter.html","xxx"
    "","Grandvalira - FlyingCam","Andorra","Canillo","Grandvalira","AD100","76100","Grandvalira - FlyingCam","1680","42.577865","1.648687","FlyingCam,Wintersportorte","http://wtvthmb.feratel.com/thumbnails/76100.jpeg?dcsdesign=WTP_HDsports.at&design=v3","http://wtvthmb.feratel.com/thumbnails/76100.jpeg?t=38&dcsdesign=WTP_HDsports.at&design=v3","http://wtvthmb.feratel.com/thumbnails/76100.jpeg?t=38&dcsdesign=WTP_HDsports.at&design=v3","http://webtv.feratel.com/webtv/?design=v3&pg=BD69DDCE-18F3-440A-B9ED-FA277235CF81&cam=76100","","","http://www.feratel.com/orte/ortid/A3E89DF7-5527-424A-8933-D8A9735CEE5E/webcam/andorra/canillo/grandvalira.html","xxx"

    but the importer only import the first listing.

    The report says following

    "Row number","Listing Title",Object,Reference,Message

    I used exactly this import-format one year ago, and it worked fine. No i have troubles and i dont really know what is wrong ๐Ÿ˜ž


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