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  1. www.HDsports.at

    MapsPro - Listing Detail Page

    thank you, now the "get directions" works 🙂 yes, it was only a fix in my override-file. it was my mistake 😉
  2. www.HDsports.at

    MapsPro - Listing Detail Page

    thank you, i solved the problem now. an other question to maps: ist the "get directions" feature on listing detail page off? when i go to the demo-page (https://demo.jreviews.com/events/venues/stadiums/pizza-hut-park) there is no "get directions", also on my listing detail pages. with firebug i see <div class="jr-directions-address jrDirectionsAddress jrHidden"> . So this feature is hidden. when i remove the jrhidden, i see the "get directions", but it doesnt work.
  3. www.HDsports.at

    MapsPro - Listing Detail Page

    hey, i upgraded geomaps to mapspro but on listing detail page the map doesnt work example: https://www.hdsports.at/laufen/landstrasser-bezirkslauf i see only i grey box the module (https://www.hdsports.at/skifahren) and the maps_mapview-menu works fine (https://www.hdsports.at/event-karte) but on the listing detail pages, the map doesnt work. best regards, tom
  4. www.HDsports.at

    Mobile view same as desktop view

    okay, i unterstand. thank you Alejandro, great work 🙂 Best regards, Tom
  5. www.HDsports.at

    Mobile view same as desktop view

    Hello, since jreviews 3 i have following problem with mobile phone, i must swap to left or right, if i would see the next listing page. See examples on attachment Before jreviews 3 i hade on mobile the listing pages among themselves. My examples are shortcode and calendar module. For example, when there are 50 listing pages on a date, than the user must swith a very long time to see all listing pages with this dates, thats not user friendly. Is there an opinion, that i can use the "old method", where i see all listing pages as in the desktop version? Link to the examples calendar module https://www.hdsports.at/laufkalender short codes https://www.hdsports.at/halbmarathon/halbmarathons-in-oesterreich-termine best regards, tom
  6. oh, yes, thats a perfect solution. Thank you, Alejandro best regards, tom
  7. www.HDsports.at

    Including unselected field options in field output

    Hallo Alejandro, thank you for your help. it works perfect 🙂 Best regards, tom
  8. hey, i have troubles with the filter module (example: www.hdsports.at/laufkalender) in mobile devices as you can see in the screenshot, the filter-button is behind the top-menu. so the user cant use the filter. i want to place the filter-button on the bottom (unter "Bewerbe") but i dont know, where i can make these changes. can anyone help me, where i can do these changes? Best regards, tom
  9. www.HDsports.at

    Including unselected field options in field output

    Hello Alejandro, yes, but i want to show this field only when minimum 1 opinion was checked. when i create a banner custom field, than it shows the output also, when there is no opinion checked.
  10. www.HDsports.at

    Including unselected field options in field output

    hello, i used this for a checkboxes field $options = $DB->setQuery(' SELECT FieldOption.text FROM #__jreviews_fields AS Field LEFT JOIN #__jreviews_fieldoptions AS FieldOption ON Field.fieldid = FieldOption.fieldid WHERE Field.name = "'.$field['name'].'" ORDER BY FieldOption.text ASC ')->loadColumn(); $selected = array(); foreach ($output AS $key=>$val) { $selected[strip_tags($val)] = $val; } $newOutput = array(); $selectedKeys = array_keys($selected); foreach ($options AS $key=>$val) { if (in_array(strip_tags($val), $selectedKeys)) { $options[$key] = sprintf('✔ %s',$val); } else { $options[$key] = sprintf('<span class="jrUnselectedOption"><font color="#A4A4A4"> %s</font></span>',$val); } } return array_values($options); i want to set following before the output <b>Anmeldung</b><br> in an other field i worked with that code return 'Anmeldung'. $total; but in this code this doesnt work. i dont find a way, that i get the "Anmeldung" before the array_values(options). i think i must adapt somethin on "return array_values($options);", but i dont know what 😞
  11. www.HDsports.at

    List Pages - My Favourites

    hello Alejandro, thank you for the information. i was not sure if it is normal or not. When i use ure Custom Where code it works perfect - thank you 🙂 Best regards, tom
  12. hello alejandro. thanks, i removed now the settings, and acutally it works. but i had these settings also before the update and i had never troubles with that ... best regards, tom
  13. Hey, i updatet jreviews from v3.5.0.1 to v3.5.0.3 and now when i upload a photo in an listing detail page, the photo is automatically an attachment. 5 minutes before the update everything works, and after update i can't upload photos. they are always uploaded as an attachment... 😕 Best regards tom
  14. www.HDsports.at

    List Pages - My Favourites

    Hey, i have a "List Page" with "Type of menu" = "My Favorites" and i think that the fields "Custom Parameters for Custom List only", "Custom WHERE for Custom List only" and "Custom ORDER BY for Custom List only" doesnt work for "my favourites" i have other list pages with type of menu "Custom Lists" and the Customs Where, orderd by and Custom Paramters workes fine, but when i enter some parameter in a "my favourites" list page than, it has no effect. i wanted to add some fields to the "sort function" and i wanted a custom ordered by, but id doesnt worked. is there a way, to make that possible? Best regards, tom!
  15. www.HDsports.at

    Geocode sometimes doesnt work

    hello Alejandro, when i create a new listing page, than it works. but when i edit an existing listing page, which already has coordinates, than it doesnt work. i delete the coordinates and click on "map it", and than i get the error, that there was no adress found. can you test this on your demo site?

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