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  1. Hey, i use the calendar module. for example here: https://www.hdsports.at/laufkalender when i go with the mouse over a date or a listing, than there is showing a big tooltip, which looks not great. you can see it on the screenshot Is there an opportunity, to deactivate this tooltip for the calendar module? Best regards, tom!
  2. www.HDsports.at

    Continue buttons not visible on Import add-on

    thanks, browser cache was the problem 🙂
  3. www.HDsports.at

    Continue buttons not visible on Import add-on

    hm, with it solved not the problem. i have no button
  4. www.HDsports.at

    Continue buttons not visible on Import add-on

    hello, i have exactly the same problem (with export and import) is there a solution?
  5. www.HDsports.at

    Maps doesnt work

    ok. big shit from google. have no credit card. so cant use it 😞
  6. www.HDsports.at

    Maps doesnt work

    Hello, since 4 days all my maps doesnt work. i get an error that googlemaps doesnt load correctly i tried to generate new api keys. but this solved not my problem. you see geomaps here: https://www.hdsports.at/laufen/grossglockner-ultra-trail or here https://www.hdsports.at/laufkalender best regards, tom
  7. www.HDsports.at

    Calendar-Module (mobile bug)

    hey. after update it works mobile but now i have with desktop problem. with chrome the calendar module works, but with all other browser ( firefox, internet explorer, safari, opera) the calendar module shows no events when i click on a day with events. you can also test it again here https://www.hdsports.at/laufkalender
  8. www.HDsports.at

    Disable IP address check for multiple reviews

    i send you a ticket in few minutes. annotation: When i set "Multiple user reviews per listing" to YES and "Disable IP address check for multiple reviews" to NO than a guest can also vote multiple reviews for the same listing. but my standard-setting is both to "NO". Normally a guest can make one review per listing. but actually guests can't make a review. When i set one of these 2 settings to YES (iit makes no difference which one) than a guest can make multiple reviews to one listing.
  9. www.HDsports.at

    Calendar-Module (mobile bug)

    Hello since upgrade to Jreviews 3.0 there is a small problem with the JReviews Calendar Module i have this setting: Max. number of results 200 when i go with mobile phone to the site and i click on a day, i see only one entry. for live example go to https://www.hdsports.at/laufkalender-oesterreich and click on the 10th june in the calendar module. With computer/desktop you will see lot of entries with this date. but with mobile phone i see only 1 entry. i have uploaded also screenshots for better unterstanding 😉 best regards, tom
  10. Hello, i think i have following problem since JReview 3 On my reviews, i set that guests can also make reviews. Normally i set " Disable IP address check for multiple reviews" to NO to avoid more reviews from one person. But actually when "disable IP adress" is set to NO, every guest cant vote on a listing, which already was maked one review from an other guest. There is always the button which shows that "i maked already a review". i tried do change my ip adress or go with other devices an other internet connection to a listing detail page, where already one guest maked a review, and every time the same problem. i cant make a review. you can test it here: Event with no review. Guest can make a review: https://www.hdsports.at/laufen/ewe-nordseelauf-3-etappe Event with one review. Every Guest can't make a review https://www.hdsports.at/laufen/toess-stafette When i set "Disable IP address check for multiple reviews" than guets can make one review but also are more review for one listing best regards, tom
  11. www.HDsports.at

    Show rating-summary directly under the buttons!

    <?php /** * JReviews - Reviews Extension * Copyright (C) 2010-2017 ClickFWD LLC * This is not free software, do not distribute it. * For licencing information visit https://www.jreviews.com * or contact sales@jreviews.com **/ defined( 'MVC_FRAMEWORK') or die( 'Direct Access to this location is not allowed.' ); /********************************************************************************** * CONFIGURATION AND SETUP **********************************************************************************/ $userId = $this->auth->id; $permissions = $this->perm->__('listing')->setListing($listing); $this->config->withType($listing['ListingType']['listing_type_id']); $this->listing_type->withType($listing['ListingType']['listing_type_id']); $reviewType = Sanitize::getString($this->params,'reviewType','user'); $userReviewsOpen = $permissions->userReviewsOpen(); $allowsUserReviews = $permissions->allowsUserReviews(); $canCreateUserReview = $permissions->canCreateUserReview(); $rating_filter = Sanitize::getVar($this->params,S2_QVAR_RATING_AVG); if( !is_array($rating_filter) && isset($listing['ReviewRatingCount'][$rating_filter]) ) { $rating_range = $listing['ReviewRatingCount'][$rating_filter]['rating_range']; } else { $rating_filter = 0; } $extension = $listing['Listing']['extension']; $userReviewCount = Sanitize::getInt($listing['Review'],'user_review_count'); $search_limit = is_numeric($this->config->review_search) ? $this->config->review_search : $this->config->user_limit; $reviewSearchEnabled = is_numeric($this->config->review_search) && $userReviewCount > $this->config->review_search; $CustomFields->setReviewClick2SearchUrl($listing); /********************************************************************************** * EDIT HTML BELOW THIS LINE **********************************************************************************/?> <?php if ( $allowsUserReviews ): ?> <div id="userReviews"> <h3 class="jrUserReviewsTitle jrHeading"> <span class="jrIconUsers"></span> <span class="jrHeadingText"><?php $this->listing_type->with_ratings ? __t("User reviews") : __t("User comments");?></span> </h3> <?php /* REVIEW SUMMARY */ ?> <div class="jrRoundedPanel jrReview jrUserReviewsSummary"<?php if ($listing['Review']['user_rating_count'] > 0 && $this->listing_type->with_ratings): ?> itemprop="aggregateRating" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/AggregateRating"<?php endif;?>> <div class="jrReviewSummary"> <?php /* # OF REVIEWS HEADER */ ?> <?php if ( $listing['Review']['user_rating_count'] > 0 && $this->listing_type->with_ratings ): ?> <h4 class="jrUserReviewsSummaryTitle"><?php echo sprintf(__t("%s reviews",true),'<span itemprop="reviewCount">'.$listing['Review']['user_rating_count'].'</span>');?></h4> <?php elseif( $userReviewCount > 0 && !$this->listing_type->with_ratings ): ?> <h4 class="jrUserReviewsSummaryTitle"><?php echo sprintf(__t("%d comments",true),$listing['Review']['user_review_count']);?></h4> <?php elseif( $userReviewCount == 0 ): ?> <div class="jrReviewSummaryInfo"><?php $this->config->langIf('lang_review_user_reviews_not_found','lang_review_user_comments_not_found',$this->listing_type->with_ratings);?></div> <?php endif;?> <?php /* DETAILED USER RATINGS SUMMARY */?> <?php if ( $listing['Review']['user_rating_count'] > 0 ): ?> <div class="jrGrid"> <?php if( is_numeric($this->config->rating_histogram) && $listing['Review']['user_rating_count'] > $this->config->rating_histogram ): ?> <div class="jrCol4"> <div class="jrReviewSummarySidebar"> <?php echo $Rating->histogram($listing,'user');?> </div> </div> <?php endif;?> <div class="jrCol4"> <div class="jrReviewSummarySidebar"> <?php echo $Rating->detailedRatings($listing,'user',['show_rating_count'=>true, 'aggregate_rating'=>true]);?> </div> </div> </div> <?php endif;?> <?php if ( !$userReviewsOpen ): ?> <p><?php JreviewsLocale::getConstant('LANG_LISTING_USER_REVIEWS_CLOSED');?></p> <?php elseif ( $canCreateUserReview ): ?> <button class="jr-review-add jrButton jrBlue"><span class="jrIconAddReview"></span> <?php $this->config->langIf('lang_review_add_detail','lang_review_comment_add_detail',$this->listing_type->with_ratings);?> </button> <?php elseif ( $permissions->mustLogIn() ):?> <?php echo $this->element('login');?> <?php elseif ( $permissions->foundReviewDuplicate() ):?> <button class="jrButton jrBlue" disabled><span class="jrIconAddReview"></span><?php __t("You already submitted a review.");?> <?php elseif ( $permissions->accessDenied() ):?> <?php elseif ( $permissions->cannotReviewOwnListing() ):?> <?php endif;?> <?php // View all reviews if ( $userReviewCount > $this->config->user_limit ): ?> <?php if ( $this->action == 'com_content_view' || ($this->action == 'detail' && Sanitize::getInt($this->params,'user') > 0) ): ?> <?php echo ( $this->listing_type->with_ratings ) ? $Routes->listing(__t("View all reviews",true),$listing,'user',['class'=>'jrButton']) : $Routes->listing(__t("View all comments",true),$listing,'user',['class'=>'jrButton']);?> <?php endif;?> <?php endif;?> <?php if ( $userReviewCount > $search_limit ): ?> <?php if ( $this->action == 'com_content_view' && $this->perm->__('review')->setListing($review)->allowsVoting() ): ?> <?php echo $Routes->listing(__t("View most helpful",true),$listing,'user',['order'=>'helpful','class'=>'jrButton']);?> <?php endif;?> <?php /* MY REVIEWS */ if ( $listing['User']['user_review_count'] && Sanitize::getInt($this->params,'user') != $userId ): ?> <?php echo $Routes->listing(sprintf(__n('View my review','View my reviews (%d)',$listing['User']['user_review_count'],true),$listing['User']['user_review_count']),$listing,'user',['user'=>$userId,'class'=>'jrButton jrGreen']);?> <?php endif;?> <?php endif;?> <?php /* BACK TO LISTING */ if ( $this->name == 'listings' ): ?> <?php echo $Html->sefLink(__t("Back to Listing",true),$listing['Listing']['url'],['class'=>'jrButton jrBackButton']);?> <?php endif;?> <div class="jrClear"></div> </div> </div> <?php if ( $canCreateUserReview ): ?> <?php echo $this->renderControllerView('reviews','create');?> <?php endif;?> <?php if ( !$this->ajaxRequest && $reviewSearchEnabled ): ?> <?php $Jreviews->loadModulePosition('jr-review-filters'); ?> <?php endif;?> </div> <?php endif;?> i have insert this code at the top of the "listing_detail_media.thtml" i am not sure if this is the best way, but i found no other solution
  12. www.HDsports.at

    Show rating-summary directly under the buttons!

    Hey, here an example: https://www.hdsports.de/laufen/abendlauf-neuenkirchen i want to insert the review-summary on the top directly under the cover-photo and the buttons. in this case the reating-summary should be shown before "DATUM" is there a way to solve that? Maye with field-type "banner"? Best regards, tom
  13. www.HDsports.at


    Hello, i have since some hours a problem. some jreviews modules doesnt load correctly. see the screenshots on attachment links https://www.hdsports.at/ https://www.hdsports.at/laufkalender i changed no settings on jreviews. so i am not really know whats the problem best regards, tom EDIT: its a a caching problem... i am working on it...
  14. perfect, thank you :)
  15. hey, i am confused. i changed in phpmyadmin the field-type of a field from "text" to "textarea". But when i now enter a text in the field, it saves only the first 200 characters. But in maxlength i changed the value to "0" and i find in the field settings nothing what limited the text area to 200 characters. must i do another changing that i have not the limitation? best regards

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