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  1. Ant

    Upgrade plans not purchasable

    OK. Thanks Alejandro 🙂
  2. I’ve created a user who has a base plan. When visiting a menu item configured to show JReviews -> Paidlistings Plans the user is not able to purchase any upgrade plans. Is this normal behaviour? I expected it to show the upgrade plans on this page and that they would be purchasable, but only the base plan is shown as an option and in this case it has already been purchased. So far, the only way to upgrade the listing seems to be to go to the actual listing and then click upgrade. Is this as expected?
  3. It looks like I've worked it out. I've added the following code <?php echo $this->render('widgets', 'user', 'profile', 'aboveStream', array($user)); ?> to file components/com_easysocial/themes/wireframe/profile/about/default.php The ReviewMe app will now display on the about page. ******** To remove the ReviewMe app from the timeline page. comment out the code as shown below <?php //echo $this->render('widgets', 'user', 'profile', 'aboveStream', array($user)); ?> in the file html/components/com_easysocial/themes/wireframe/profile/default/default.php Of course, I will do this all properly later using overrides 😉
  4. I've installed the ReviewMe app in conjunction with the Everywhere addon. When loading the Easysocial profile, the Reviewme app appears on the timeline page. Is it possible to have it display on the About page instead? I've played around with the configuration options, but can't seem to find anything relevant. Below is my current configuration options. If it can't be done in the settings, could you perhaps point me in the direction of the file responsible for it?
  5. Short Version Is it possible to use shortcodes or some other method to display Everywhere addon ratings/reviews in regular listings? From a technical point of view, would it be easier to automatically create a listing than to display everywhere ratings in regular listings? Long Version I'm using the everywhere addon for easysocial profile reviews. When the user creates a listing, I'd like to display their profile ratings/stars reviews on that listing. The listing itself would not have its own ratings or reviews. Originally, I'd hoped to do it using shortcodes, but after reading the docs I'm pretty sure it can't be done. Is there any other way that I could do it? Possibly with a theme override? or some other method? I guess what I'm really trying to do here is assess the level of complexity involved. Alternatively, I am thinking to automatically create a listing whenever a new account is created. I've mostly got this sorted (and comparatively it seems to be the easier option), but it is not my preferred method as I didn't want to create a listing until the user was ready and I'm really not fond of creating a dummy listing. From a technical standpoint, which do you think is easier? If there are other options that perhaps I've overlooked, please let me know!! This is really critical to my site.
  6. Thanks Alejandro, after re-reading your explanation I was able to get it to work. I've attached my working configuration. I'll be honest though, I don't really understand the first "Exclude by Component" setting.
  7. Thanks Alejandro, I think I've already enabled shortcodes in EasySocial via the shortcodes plugin, but if possible could you check that my settings are correct? I've attached an image of my shortcodes plugin settings to this post.
  8. I added JReviews shortcodes to the EasySocial profile page using overrides (specifically I was overriding /profile/about/default.php), but was unable to get the listing to display. In fact, the code seems to be stripped from the page. I tested the same shortcode in an article and it worked fine. I've played with the shortcuts plugin and the settings seem to be ok. So does anyone know if it is possible to have shortcodes work via this method? If it can't work this way, I'd really appreciate if someone could tell me why. Interestingly enough, if I create a custom HTML module containing the shortcode and add it to the EasySocial profile via a custom module position then the listing appears. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I won't have access to the variables I need via this method (not tested yet). EDIT: I deleted my old post as it was in the wrong section JReviews 2.x.
  9. Ant

    Google Map Billing

    My bad. I thought I'd seen it done somewhere and am not well versed with the Terms and Conditions (yet).
  10. Ant

    Google Map Billing

    Is it possible to generate the placeholder image the first time the map is rendered rather than using the same default image? I think it'd look better and be much more useful to the visitor.
  11. Ant

    A better Multi language management

    I am very interested in this too.
  12. Ant

    Jreviews 3.5 upgrade? or update?

    UPDATE: Looks like I was wrong. I can renew using the Standard Plan which means the price isn't bad. **** In my case, I've bought most of the extensions. Renewal each year would come to about $110 and maybe $40 for template. But based on the pricing page, if I was to continue with JReviews, my yearly renewal would become $320 every year for the professional plan ($427 a year minus 25% discount for renewal). Please tell me I've misunderstood something. Surely I'm reading it wrong, yeah?

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