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  1. Yes, that worked. Thank you.
  2. Tried going from on PHP7.0
  3. Getting this error when i try to update latest 3.1 Invalid file request. Please contact support.
  4. Kurt

    Air Affiliate

    Let us know if you find a way to do it because i would also be interested in something similar.
  5. Ooops, forgot about that, was a bit late in the evening when i updated 😏 yeah that box was checked.
  6. After updating to JR 3.1 I'm getting errors of invalid file when trying to update the following addons Geomaps, Listing Resources and Mylists . This is the error i get. I went back to and no problem updating them. BTW On the update page there is no option to choose the only the 3.1.0, had to get it from here.
  7. Don't think so, you will need to follow the instructions here Upgrading to JReviews 3. I have done it and no issues.
  8. Ok, thank you. I will try to remember trying that the next time :)
  9. I tried upgrading from to but it is now telling me that my upgrades have expired. Tried pressing the refresh button, tried resending local key, all giving the same message. To use JReviews v3.0.2.4 with this license you need to renew your upgrades. This version of JReviews was released after your upgrades expired. Use the button below to refresh the license information after renewing the upgrades.
  10. On V2 there was a notification under the title showing if there was an update available, have not see that lately on V3, have to go to the remote install page to see if there are any updates. Is this supposed to be gone or is it just on mine?
  11. For locations with several names I added an extra box just called Alias names. Then they will pop up when they do a search for keywords.
  12. Yes, after a few tries it works, thank you.
  13. That worked for me. Thank you.
  14. not sure if it helps but i got this error Exception Type: Error File: /var/www/vhosts/xxxxxxx.com/httpsdocs/components/com_jreviews/jreviews/controllers/components/media_upload.php Line: 348 Message: Call to a member function overrideMediaLimits() on null

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