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  1. Peter Ward

    PHP 7.1 / SiteGround Hosting / Ioncube

    You may also need to add a copy of the php.ini file in administrator folder
  2. Peter Ward

    Import as Unpublished

    Thanks 🙂
  3. Peter Ward

    Import as Unpublished

    Is there a way to import listings as unpublished? I'd like to import listings from a web scraper then edit them (add extra details) before publishing.
  4. Peter Ward

    WYSIWYG editor > Heading > H1

    The bug is now only occuring on Chrome for me (firefox and IE11 working fine). I've tried it on my mobile chrome and on chrome on another computer I've not loaded the site before - same problem [I've disabled overrides, turned off gzip, minified js and all caches] Scratch that its also happening in Firefox but I've no idea when or why
  5. Peter Ward

    WYSIWYG editor > Heading > H1

    Alejandro the latest update to the Heading tag in trix doesn't seem to work on editing an existing listing. The existing h3 tags have gone, replaced by <div></div> and lots of <br/>! I've had more success editing the trix.js file directly
  6. Peter Ward

    Developer events - debugging

    FYI - the recent posts module title for this forum has a spelling error: Recent possts
  7. Peter Ward

    Textarea WYSIWYG Heading Button - change from H1 to H3

    I couldn't get the above to work on different browsers for the comments form (couldn't find the right event). Instead I've overridden views\js\trix\trix.min.js changing heading1:{tagName:"h1" to heading1:{tagName:"h4"
  8. Peter Ward

    Developer events - debugging

    Thanks. I fixed the issue - I need to disable Run asynchronously and the event code was running on create a listing only, not on edit.
  9. Peter Ward

    Developer events - debugging

    Great thanks. I love dd() saves so much time. I was having trouble finding the request response - didn't see anything in the console as the page was just going to the listing after save, but I'll have a play!
  10. I'm adding a custom field hashtag on to the TweetListing event listener. Whats the best way to debug my changes in a development environment without actually sending a tweet? specifically whats the structure of the $event object so I can get the custom field data; e.g. $Sanitize::getString($data['Field']['Listing'], 'jr_twitterhashtag');
  11. oops I meant JReviews 3!
  12. Is it possible for the advanced filtering module to show the options already selected on page load? For example if I select an option (e.g. Brand - Apple) using the filter module but then refresh the page the filter is applied to the search result and shows in the url (jr_brand=apple), but is not selected in the filter module. This is also an issue when using click2search links or using the Fields Module - the filter is applied to the list (and url) but not reflected in the advanced filtering module.
  13. I wanted my users to go straight to the edit form for their user profile from the main menu, rather than go via the profile preview page (and then via their profile details page --> too many clicks!). I'm using the Submit Profile menu item type so that new and current users use the same link on the menu. To do this create a custom override SITE_ROOT/templates/jreviews_overrides/controllers/userprofiles_profiles_controller.php from SITE_ROOT/components/com_jreviews_addons/userprofiles/controllers/userprofiles_profiles_controller.php. Change lines 41 - 46 from if($profilePreview = $this->UserprofilesProfile->renderProfilePreview($this->auth->id)) { $this->set('profilePreview', $profilePreview); return $this->render('profiles', 'create_profile_exists'); } To this: if($profilePreview = $this->UserprofilesProfile->renderProfilePreview($this->auth->id)) { $listing = $this->UserprofilesProfile->getProfileListing($this->auth->id); $Routes = ClassRegistry::getClass('RoutesHelper'); $editUrl = $Routes->listingEdit('', $listing, ['return_url'=>true]); cmsFramework::setSessionVar('referrer', cmsFramework::getCurrentUrl(), 'jreviews.userprofiles'); cmsFramework::redirect($editUrl, 302); }
  14. The textarea field with Trix enabled doesn't work in IE11. I get the following error: jreviews.filters.js (1246,14) 'el' is undefined
  15. Peter Ward

    WYSIWYG editor > Heading > H1

    I had exactly the same problem - see my solution is below

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