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    ededi got a reaction from Alejandro in EasySocial - Messages to listing owner within listing detail page   
    thank you for your time , this works perfectly
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    ededi reacted to Alejandro in have same settings as you but different look ? and hide some custom fields   
    For the 2nd problem, I am inclined to say it's not possible if you have established a field relation between state and city because once you break that, I don't know what would be the secondary effects. The only way you have display fields in some categories and not others is through field groups associations with listing types. In theory you could create a different field group where you put the city custom field and on the listing type where you want to hide the state and address you don't use that field group and only use the field where the city is present. I don't know if this will work correctly, but you can try it. make sure the field group where you have the controlling field (state) is ordered above the one where you have the dependent field (city).
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    ededi reacted to Kurt in have same settings as you but different look ? and hide some custom fields   
    First problem
    You need to set the "Complete UI" to yes to look like his.
    Second problem
    You will probably have to set a control field on those fields so they will only come up when the listings type you want them in comes up. Alejandro might be able to give a better answer to this :)

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    ededi reacted to Alejandro in Logged in indicator for listing owner in listings (Joomla)   
    The question recently came up in another forum post. Using the same database query that Joomla uses in the administration of the site, you can add an indicator in listings to show if the listing owner is currently logged in to the site through a banner custom field.
    In the PHP format setting for the field you can add the following code:
    if ($entry['User']['user_id'] > 0) { $db = JFactory::getDbo(); $query = sprintf(' SELECT s.userid FROM #__session AS s WHERE s.guest = 0 AND s.client_id = 0 AND s.userid = %d LIMIT 1', $entry['User']['user_id']); $userid = $db->setQuery($query)->loadResult(); if ($userid) { return "User is logged in"; } } return "User not logged in";
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    ededi reacted to Alejandro in where is language files for formbuilder   
    The output of the field is processed in the theme files. You can find out a bit more about this in this article
    So for recipes it's here /components/com_jreviews/jreviews/views/themes/default/fields_phpformat/recipe.thtml
    So you can change it there directly or you can use the language strings in your language overrides. It's whatever is inside the __t() function.
    <?php __t("Ingredients");?> <?php __t("Preparation");?> And also these strings already exist in the language files:
    #: com_jreviews\jreviews\views/themes/default/fields_phpformat/recipe.thtml:16 msgid "Ingredients" msgstr "" #: com_jreviews\jreviews\views/themes/default/fields_phpformat/recipe.thtml:44 msgid "Preparation" msgstr ""
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    ededi reacted to Alejandro in First version of Queue Add-on for JReviews 3 released!   
    Back in December when I announced the release of the first beta of JReviews 3, I mentioned that one of the new additions was the Queue Add-on for improved performance. Today I am very happy to announce the official release of the first version of the Queue Add-on. If you are already testing JReviews 3, then you can also start testing the new Add-on.
    The Add-on can be installed directly from within the JReviews dashboard using the remote install & update page. The documentation has been updated with a new article for the Queue Add-on  
    What is the Queue Add-on?
      The Queue Add-on changes the way certain events execute on your site so they are executed asynchronously and run independently of the main program flow. They are executed in a non-blocking scheme, allowing the main action to continue processing without unnecessary delays. This not only improves the user experience due to faster processing, but it also means that an error in one of the events won’t affect the main program flow. Lets put all of this into a practical example:   When a listing, review or media is submitted there are many actions that take place, other than saving the review in the database. These include: Sending one or more e-mail notifications Posting the review on Twitter Posting the review on Facebook Posting the review to the JomSocial or EasySocial streams (Joomla) Triggering native Joomla or WordPress events These events are all executed in sequence, one after the other, and it can amount to a substantial delay in the completion of the initial request. If just one of these events results in an error, then the review submission could hang and the rest of the events will not be executed.   The Queue Add-on allows the initial request (the review submission) to be processed quickly, while all dependent actions are queued for processing later, independent of each other and in the background.   Alejandro
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    ededi reacted to Alejandro in jreviews 3 , where to configure geomaps   
    IF you disabled the add-on before upgrading, as instructing in the documentation, then, after upgrading to JReviews 3 you can go to the Remote install & Update page and re-install the add-on to get the version that is compatible with JReviews 3.
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    ededi reacted to Alejandro in try to resize image small gallery lightbox   
    The galleria script automatically generates the thumbmnail sizes based on the gallery dimensions. You can try googling "change galleria thumbmnail size" for some possible solutions.
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    ededi reacted to Alejandro in business_hours, fields_phpformat, german   
    The PHP change for the time format only affects the output of the field, not the form.
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    ededi reacted to Alejandro in whats is add listings php code   
    JReviews doesn't have an API so there isn't a specific piece of code you can use to programmatically create a new listing.

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