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  1. title is disabled in fields option for listing and detail page but it shows in listings module i hv created before a custom theme and there is title invisible but idont remember how and searched forum without success , i will generally disabled title of field also for module
  2. im back 😕 i see now its not ok ( cleared all cache try on pc responsive , safari and chrome on mobile seems all ok and installed firefox mobile and it seems not ok there so i cleared again now also not showing correctly on other explorers ) , mine fault i must start from begin and i must add all codes you gave me thanks for warning but it works if u ask me why i removed code because of ; see pic, that txt was showing when was ok with all codes but i must try from begin
  3. thanks now it works and i added origin file of listings.html with code below because in other code , layout is ok but a text is shown above title (see mine prev posted image there is also) is mobile columns 0 ... so i use this with css you wrote thanks again if ($isMobile) { // Show 1 listing in 1 column on mobile devices $columns = 1; $limit = 1; }
  4. i replaced but see pic listings.thtml
  5. i try it but no success can u check support inbox pls ? and listings.hmtl attached listings.thtml
  6. now it shows 1 item 1 column also in samsung mobile ..
  7. see pic no any changes after edited file in listings.html all caches are cleared each time after trying and after that i added above code for specific module with id also not showing correct * CONFIGURATION AND SETUP **********************************************************************************/ $isMobile = Configure::read('System.isMobile'); $module_id = Sanitize::getVar($this->params,'module_id',''); extract($this->params['module']); if ($isMobile) { switch ($module_id) { case 563: $columns = 3; $limit = 3; break; case 2: $columns = 2; $limit = 2; break; default: $columns = 1; $limit = 1; break; } } if ($isMobile) { // Show 1 listing in 1 column on mobile devices $columns = 3; $limit = 3; }
  8. thank you for your time , this works perfectly
  9. Sorry but i see know that ihv not fixed this issue İ will on mobil at least 2 columns besides like image above Mobile has own module hidden for desktop but you wrote then use template settings , can u maybe explain this 2 columns 4 articles to show but it loading vertical On pc no problem it works horizontal in own module
  10. i cant confirm because of expired subscription about 2-3 years so not updated maybe this is the problem ; outdated codes i used code in Filter article , i used foundry overide in theme ; i see button Contact... and is clickable but its not working nothing happens , if there is nothing u can do , i will be happy to hear from other users above or others that can succesfully use this methode and wil be happy which version of jreviews and easysocial is working with this i also have try php output can see button also nothing happens
  11. i thought files was outdated but foundry.php is in admin directory ... now when i add at same area as pic above , i see only blank page also i try to add after </div> also blank page
  12. i think i need this one but code not working maybe outdated ? i will that visitors can send messagesin listingspages and get answer directly in site like easysocial messaging system
  13. i hv try this added to detail ( see pic) and result is i see code frontent (see pic 2) is this whole code or it breaks something
  14. hi i will use easy social only for pms system with listings , anybody have idea how to this , so will at listings reader and owner connected via an chat or pms directly on site ... how to entegrate this with each listings all other suggestions welcome
  15. is it possible to use another image path for uploads i will use path in a subdomain, possible ?

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