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  1. ededi

    Facebook share doesnt show image

    ok i sent a ticket but i think the problem is in Advanced Setup & Overrides in Standart Fields ----> Description and Summary if is hidden facebook share not works correctly , i try in listing to show that and is ok now but how can we solve this i will hide Desc. and summary in some listingstype
  2. ededi

    Facebook share doesnt show image

    1- debug tool must i validate all listings manually ; if users add hundreds of listing per day must i validate each manually ? 2- you wrote ; Make sure you've selected the correct object type for Open Graph in each listing type i look in tab SEO manager Facebook Open Graph Object Type there is example link to facebook but lot of types there which must i use ? 3-i hv enabled and added app id and secret code must i wait to take effect or immediatly ?
  3. facebook share button doesnt show image and text from listing is this a jreviews error or joomla edit : i see also description is not showing from listing , its showing texts from other modules such as contact us , 1000 chracters left , upload image etc etc i check custom fields if output is :{FIELDTEXT} then description is correctly in facebook share button but no image if output is someting with div and span {FIELDTEXT} then description is not correct
  4. ededi

    [SOLVED] UddeIM pms and listings?

    ok code above working
  5. ededi

    [SOLVED] UddeIM pms and listings?

    here is something from FAQ i try but cant work : Is there a way that members can contact the author by clicking on an uddeIM link. Yes, there is: Download and publish uddeIM mambot plug_uddeim_pms_contentlink (after JReviews content mambot) Insert one of the following code in detail.thtml For icon link: {pmslink:id=<?php echo $listing['User']['user_id'];?>} For text link (send message): {pmslink:id=<?php echo $listing['User']['user_id'];?>,Send Message} Or regarding a fixed Section ID: <?php if($listing['Section']['section_id']==10):?> For ICON: {pmslink:id=<?php echo $listing['User']['user_id'];?>} For Text (“Send message”): {pmslink:id=<?php echo $listing['User']['user_id'];?>,Send Message} <?php endif;?>
  6. i hv easysocial and works great with jreviews but its not possible to unpublish core system and i will not use community uddeim looks great for pms for listings , is it possible to add something like EasySocial Message Button (https://docs.jreviews.com/?title=JReviews:Developers_Filters#Listing_Detail_Action_Buttons )
  7. title is disabled in fields option for listing and detail page but it shows in listings module i hv created before a custom theme and there is title invisible but idont remember how and searched forum without success , i will generally disabled title of field also for module
  8. im back 😕 i see now its not ok ( cleared all cache try on pc responsive , safari and chrome on mobile seems all ok and installed firefox mobile and it seems not ok there so i cleared again now also not showing correctly on other explorers ) , mine fault i must start from begin and i must add all codes you gave me thanks for warning but it works if u ask me why i removed code because of ; see pic, that txt was showing when was ok with all codes but i must try from begin
  9. thanks now it works and i added origin file of listings.html with code below because in other code , layout is ok but a text is shown above title (see mine prev posted image there is also) is mobile columns 0 ... so i use this with css you wrote thanks again if ($isMobile) { // Show 1 listing in 1 column on mobile devices $columns = 1; $limit = 1; }
  10. i replaced but see pic listings.thtml
  11. i try it but no success can u check support inbox pls ? and listings.hmtl attached listings.thtml
  12. now it shows 1 item 1 column also in samsung mobile ..
  13. see pic no any changes after edited file in listings.html all caches are cleared each time after trying and after that i added above code for specific module with id also not showing correct * CONFIGURATION AND SETUP **********************************************************************************/ $isMobile = Configure::read('System.isMobile'); $module_id = Sanitize::getVar($this->params,'module_id',''); extract($this->params['module']); if ($isMobile) { switch ($module_id) { case 563: $columns = 3; $limit = 3; break; case 2: $columns = 2; $limit = 2; break; default: $columns = 1; $limit = 1; break; } } if ($isMobile) { // Show 1 listing in 1 column on mobile devices $columns = 3; $limit = 3; }
  14. thank you for your time , this works perfectly
  15. Sorry but i see know that ihv not fixed this issue İ will on mobil at least 2 columns besides like image above Mobile has own module hidden for desktop but you wrote then use template settings , can u maybe explain this 2 columns 4 articles to show but it loading vertical On pc no problem it works horizontal in own module

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