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    Class 'JReviews\Models\ConfigurationModel' not found

    Hello, I installed s2framework_3.0.3.0 and jReviews version jreviews_3.0.3.0 for PHP 7.0 via Joomla install Extentions I'm getting this message on the jReviews backend: Class 'JReviews\Models\ConfigurationModel' not found It is Jreviews without any overrides and a live site. Regards, Gert
  2. I'm not interested. I have already made a "Paidlisting Payment Handler for Mollie" with some help and guidance. NB: This handler works not only for IDEAL but also for the next methods: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Bancontact, Paypal, SEPA-incasso, SEPA-overboeking, Giftcards, KBC/CBC-Paybutton, Belfius Pay Button, Bitcoin, SOFORT Banking, CartaSi and Cartes Bancaires.
  3. So it seems that the problem, with the formbuilder, was a coincidence. It should also happened by all other request from jreviews. Thanks very much, i will contact my host again.
  4. To modify the mod security (mod_rewrite) is that a hosting issue you think ? Is that there according to you ? I never had this kind of problems before.
  5. Hello, I wanted to create a new custom field and select the "FormBuilder" type. In the advanced optionpanel I selected one of the options ("Business Hours") and load the Schema. The Theme name was automatically pre-filled in the PHP Based Formatting input below the Schema editor. Thereafter I previewed and tested the form. All seems fine. But when I clicked on the save button it goes wrong, I got the following APACHE Error: ModSecurity: [file "/etc/httpd/modsecurity.d/10_asl_rules.conf"] [line "3328"] [id "336142"] [rev "12"] [msg "Atomicorp.com WAF Rules: Remote File Injection attempt in ARGS (MM)"] [data "/administrator/index.php?option=com_jreviews&format=ajax"] [severity "CRITICAL"] Access denied with code 403 (phase 2). Match of "rx ://%{SERVER_NAME}/" against "REQUEST_URI" required. [hostname "www.stallencaravans.nl] [uri "/administrator/index.php"] [unique_id "Wk0BegX-TwYACPAaOlIAAAAN"] Jreviews and the website died and my "ip adres" is ever blocked by the server. It seems to be a mod_rewrite problem. Apparently this is triggered by "/administrator/index.php?option=com_jreviews&format=ajax". Do you know how this happend ? Using Joomla version 3.8.3 and Jreviews
  6. Gert Biljard

    overrides for Add-on (Paidlisting) PHP Files

    Thanks, According to the documentation: If I want to customize this theme file: /components/com_jreviews_addons/geomaps/views/themes/geomaps/geomaps/map_detail.thtml it would go into the folder: ../jreviews_overrides/views/themes/mytheme/geomaps/map_detail.thtml I don't yet find and understand in which 'jreviews overrides' folder for example the next file is going. /components/com_jreviews_addons/paidlistings/models/paid_plan.php ../jreviews_overrides/ ....... I look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards
  7. I have made some overrides for JReviews PHP Files. Can i also make overrides for Add-on (Paidlisting) PHP Files and/or Add-on translation files like: /components/com_jreviews_addons/paidlistings/locale/dut/LC_MESSAGES/default.po Regards Gert

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