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  1. Edze de Boer

    Component JReviews and PHP 7.2.8

    Solved this one: FileInfo PHP Extension: Failed by activating fileinfo in the PHP extensions. Still using PHP 7.2.8, but now site and Administrator-Component-JReviews both empty pages.
  2. Edze de Boer

    Component JReviews and PHP 7.2.8

    Hi Alejandro, Hosting company tells me there is only one version of ionCube Loader for PHP 7.2 At the moment the site is empty without any warning, the administrator opens ok, but the Component JReviews tells me: Pre-installation Server Requirements Your server did not pass the checks for minimum installation requirements. Below you will find a list of the checks performed and the results. ionCube Loaders: Passed PHP Version: Passed JSON PHP Extension: Passed MBSTRING PHP Extension: Passed FileInfo PHP Extension: Failed GD PHP Image Library: Passed CURL PHP Extension: Passed BCMath PHP Extension: Passed For more information please read the JReviews Pre-install Requirements document on our website Kind regards, Edze
  3. Edze de Boer

    Component JReviews and PHP 7.2.8

    Hi Alejandro, I followed instructions until and including: install the new JReviews component zip. Now site and administrator are both down. I might have skipped to check the ioncube loader version. I will ask hosting company to arrange that. Versions are: Joomla 3.8.12 PHP 7.2.8 Kind regards, Edze
  4. Hi guys, On www.eindhovenregio.nl I just changed from PHP 7.0 to PHP 7.2.8 and now the link to Administrator - Components - JReviews is not working anymore: This page isn’t working www.eindhovenregio.nl is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 When using PHP 7.1.x the site is not showing at all, so I have no choice but to use PHP 7.2.8 Kind regards, Edze de Boer
  5. Edze de Boer

    Joomla 3.8 compatibility - Update

    Hi, Using Joomla 3.8.1 and JReviews and PHP7 in a brand new website, no Listings yet. I had not yet activated the JReviews SEF System Plugin. So I installed the jreviews_sef_plugin_j38.zip Now when I look at the installed plugins, I see: System - JReviews SEF 1.1.1 date October 2013, is this correct? I also see: System - SEF 3.0.0 date December 2007 activated. I suppose this is the default Joomla SEF which has to be de-activated? Kind regards, Edze
  6. Edze de Boer

    Joomla 3.8 compatibility - Update

    Hi Alejandro, I see two pugins.... :) jreviews_sef_pugin_j38.zip jreviews_sef_pugin_j38_php5.zip Do I need any of these and if so which one if I started a completely new Joomla 3.8.0 website using PHP7? Is the first one for PHP7? Regards, Edze

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