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  1. Hmmm... I cannot react or like your posts but the links show up for all other users. Now that everything is installed. Are there still updates past My installs are showing there is.
  2. I'm using wampserver and should have known to search the web for that error just figured it might have been on your end. You were right though and that error usually can be fixed across all platforms using the same fix. For anyone else having the same "cURL error 60" error on a local server do a search for "cacert.pem" without quotes in your install directory or use the one located in /com_s2framework/vendor/guzzle/guzzle/src/Guzzle/Http/Resources/ Copy the path and add it to your php.ini file. To place the path in the ini file open php.ini in an editor. find: ;curl.cainfo = replace with as an example: curl.cainfo = path_to/cacert.pem In my case it ended up as: curl.cainfo = C:\wamp64\www\install-folder-name\components\com_s2framework\vendor\guzzle\guzzle\src\Guzzle\Http\Resources\cacert.pem
  3. DanielH

    Jreviews 3.5 upgrade? or update?

    My last jreviews purchase was: JReviews for Joomla - $179.00 GeoMaps - $69.00 PaidListings - $69.00 MyLists - $39.00 UserProfiles - $39.00 total - $395.00 Plus iReview Template - $30 Grand total - $425.00 and that does not include the FacebookApp at that time, ListingResources - $39, Inport Addon - $69, Payment Stripe -$39 etc... addons to name a few, totaling another $147 which would have cost, for everything, $572.00. Plus the fact there has not been any price increases for the last five years really makes the $427.00 price tag for everything in the jreviews arsenal a really good deal.
  4. Hi Alejandro, First off congrats on the bold move going to opensource. I hope this works out for everyone and you are blessed in your venture. I am getting an error when attempting to upgrade/install the addons through the app store. "cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate (see http://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/libcurl-errors.html)" cURL support is enabled on the local server. I have a local issued ssl cert and the error 60 is as follows: CURLE_SSL_CACERT (60) Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with known CA certificates. I attempted to visit the app store in both http and https urls for the local install. Thanks! ADD: Will run through the process on the D.O. server to make sure there are no errors there, which there should not be being it is a known CA.
  5. DanielH

    Google Maps Pricing Structure

    Not trying to offend anyone but lets be reasonable and everyone calm down. There's an affect to Alejandro's income already by users who do not renew their packages with jreviews then demand that their be money spent for other options scripted to save a buck for themselves. Some may complain about the costs without ever being charged by "g" or upgrading to use the new button option, yet someone has to pay for new map options. To threaten someone using the "you will loose income" statement about income they are not getting anyway is not a good way to go about it. After JReviews' track record and excellent support I trust Alejandro's judgement and timing. I suggest implementing the button Alejandro added and see what your costs are ,if any at all, before demanding jreviews spend money on this. There are many more other large jreviews site owners who have not stated anything about the costs or wanting new options yet. Many have not added the new button option. I think it would be best to see what they have to report from the button usage before flying off the handle. Site owners who cannot afford jreviews, a domain name, and hosting for the year are in the wrong business. Any business that cannot afford the minimal cost for a sites expenses at the joomla/jreviews level needs to look for a different line of work. My Digital Ocean hosting and everything, JR included, for one site is is roughly $550/yr. Most broke people spend that on soft drinks, booze, junk food, tobacco products or other wasted expenses in only a few months. Please don't use the threat tone towards Alejandro, he has one of the best products and SERVICE found anywhere in this market.
  6. DanielH

    Google Maps Pricing Structure

    I have been vocal on the "g" thing in the past. They have manipulated the web and webmasters to this point of thinking we cannot have a site without them. "G" would say we need to do this or that, then change the rules then repeat the process. Its our fault we as a whole fell for the bait. If the map thing is frustrating just wait for the other services you've relied on for years to become a fee based service as well. I'm considering going a bit further with the new jreviews button and maps, by only showing the button to paid users of paid listings. Somehow "g" will find it to be some sort of violation if only paid users have access to their products or if receiving monies before allowing access but worth a shot. Thanks for your input thus far. Lets see how this plays out before jumping into another solution. There are other things I would rather see in jreviews before a new map feature.
  7. AH! I looked at css last night but could not figure out how without a conditional to determine if the model year was a classic or late model car year then hide the correct manufacturer fieldoption accordingly. Will play with it some more. Thanks Alejandro!!!
  8. I know in the past it was not possible to hide certain fieldoptions from a select list on the submit form. Has that changed and we still really cannot yet edit the submit form can we? I know we can select and control more in the paidlistings addon but not exactly what I need. When it comes to auto manufacturers as fieldoptions vehicles that are older are considered classic cars and would like to differentiate classics from late model cars. In an effort to not have two sets of fieldoptions for manufacturers, mainly because some are still current manufacturers, some antiquated manufacturers, and some both, I was thinking of having a complete list of manufacturers as options in one field then only show the correct manufacturers according to model year. Looking at using the model year field and fieldoptions to control the manufacturer but did not really want to increase the database to allow more controls. I think currently we can use up to eight or nine different controls on any item. In this case I would need 30. If there is any way to accomplish this I'm all ears. Many thanks!
  9. Hi Michael, Sorry I don't have kitchen "appliance"? dealers and manufacturers at this time. Maybe in the future. Right now I'm working on automotive manufacturer, make model, trim, and specifications. I can provide current or future data in csv format. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Alejandro's fix worked perfectly getting rid of the "Notice". It was brought it up in the post mentioned but everything in jreviews seemed to functioned properly. I did not see any negative effects or other errors and the cookie notice still displayed. Good luck with your new project!
  11. The huge difference is being able to use or taking advantage of jreviews powerful click2dearch function as virtual categories, with text fields you cannot do so. Also if you ever need or want to change from text fields to the complete data you still have an easy option to do so with this data set. I really appreciate your input! Thanks
  12. I went through the process a few times to be sure everything worked.
  13. On one of my dev installs I am running JR2.7.27.0 and php7.1. Is it advised to upgrade to JR3.0.0.x prior to upgrading to JR3.1.0.1 or can everything be upgraded directly to the latest stable version? I have backups just wanted to be sure. Thanks.
  14. This can be done through the listing type setup language tab and custom themes. Create a new default.po file in a folder structure according to the documentation such as: root/templates/jreviews_overrides/local/eng/LC_MESSAGES/ Copy the lines 898, 899 from the original default.po file: root\components\com_jreviews\jreviews\locale\eng\LC_MESSAGES\default.po msgid "LANG_LISTING_FORM_TITLE" msgstr "Listing Title" to your new custom default.po file. Change the msgid and msgstr value to what you want like msgid "LANG_LISTING_FORM_TITLE_BUSINESS" msgstr "Business Name" Then change the language string in the listing type language tab from LANG_LISTING_FORM_TITLE to LANG_LISTING_FORM_TITLE_BUSINESS Clear the jreviews cache. You need to edit these according to the theme/language customization documentation found in How to edit JReviews language files and add them in a/your custom theme as per the JReviews Theme Customization. I have attached the file structure with the default.po file. All you need to do is unzip and upload it to your root/templates/ folder then change the string in the listing type language section. You might not be able to append the msgid by adding the _BUSSINESS to it. It may have to be the default LANG_LISTING_FORM_TITLE in the .po file and listing type language string but try it both ways. For some reason I am thinking you can in the listing types and addons. jreviews_overrides.7z

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