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  1. Hi Michael, Sorry I don't have kitchen "appliance"? dealers and manufacturers at this time. Maybe in the future. Right now I'm working on automotive manufacturer, make model, trim, and specifications. I can provide current or future data in csv format. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Alejandro's fix worked perfectly getting rid of the "Notice". It was brought it up in the post mentioned but everything in jreviews seemed to functioned properly. I did not see any negative effects or other errors and the cookie notice still displayed. Good luck with your new project!
  3. The huge difference is being able to use or taking advantage of jreviews powerful click2dearch function as virtual categories, with text fields you cannot do so. Also if you ever need or want to change from text fields to the complete data you still have an easy option to do so with this data set. I really appreciate your input! Thanks
  4. I went through the process a few times to be sure everything worked.
  5. On one of my dev installs I am running JR2.7.27.0 and php7.1. Is it advised to upgrade to JR3.0.0.x prior to upgrading to JR3.1.0.1 or can everything be upgraded directly to the latest stable version? I have backups just wanted to be sure. Thanks.
  6. This can be done through the listing type setup language tab and custom themes. Create a new default.po file in a folder structure according to the documentation such as: root/templates/jreviews_overrides/local/eng/LC_MESSAGES/ Copy the lines 898, 899 from the original default.po file: root\components\com_jreviews\jreviews\locale\eng\LC_MESSAGES\default.po msgid "LANG_LISTING_FORM_TITLE" msgstr "Listing Title" to your new custom default.po file. Change the msgid and msgstr value to what you want like msgid "LANG_LISTING_FORM_TITLE_BUSINESS" msgstr "Business Name" Then change the language string in the listing type language tab from LANG_LISTING_FORM_TITLE to LANG_LISTING_FORM_TITLE_BUSINESS Clear the jreviews cache. You need to edit these according to the theme/language customization documentation found in How to edit JReviews language files and add them in a/your custom theme as per the JReviews Theme Customization. I have attached the file structure with the default.po file. All you need to do is unzip and upload it to your root/templates/ folder then change the string in the listing type language section. You might not be able to append the msgid by adding the _BUSSINESS to it. It may have to be the default LANG_LISTING_FORM_TITLE in the .po file and listing type language string but try it both ways. For some reason I am thinking you can in the listing types and addons. jreviews_overrides.7z
  7. Good point. While that could be the case it would be surprising if even siteground had a setup that required ini files to be added to individual directories. Probably would need to first start with the proper version of jreviews. If OP was running the - jreviews-for-php7.0 package with php7.0 and updated php to php7.1. The jreviews-for-php7.0 package will not work with php php7.1 the same as jreviews-for-php7.1 package will not work with php7.0 unless its backwards compatible which I didn't think it was. Here are some links to help with the upgrade to jreviews-for-php7.1 JReviews:Installation & Upgrading Upgrading JReviews to PHP 7.1
  8. Though you are running the current version, if you look in the download there are two separate packages of jreviews for the php version you are running. So if you were previously running php7.0 you would need to update your jreviews to the php7.1 package version. Look in the documentation and forum announcements for info on how to upgrade to the php7.1 jreviews package.
  9. DanielH

    Form json file errors

    This was fixed as of v3.0.24 according to the changelogs, correct? Just asking being I don't see the error on the latest versions of JReviews. No biggie, if I get the same error will place files in the core as before.
  10. DanielH

    Cookie consent notice when consent not used

    That fixed it. The interesting thing is, there is no notice on my local development that was from a fresh install vs. the updated version on the server using the same line of code. Thanks for the speedy fix!!!
  11. Just updated from iReview 3.6.1 to iReview 3.7.2. With the cookie consent turned off I get this: Notice: Undefined index: cookieconsent_status in /srv/users/xxxxxx/apps/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/public/templates/ireview3/index.php on line 60 With cookie consent on everything is fine.
  12. DanielH

    Creating google billing account?

    I went ahead and signed up through the cloud platform being that's the only way to do it from what I can tell. Now I am looking for a way to cancel or get rid of the cloud account. What its doing is storing the api keys in the cloud platform which I do not care to do. Thanks for the assistance. I will figure it out from here.
  13. DanielH

    Creating google billing account?

    Yes I can and no matter what, it takes me directly to the cloud platform free trial in order to create a billing account. I have to agree to the terms of the free trial before creating a billing account for any other project.
  14. DanielH

    Creating google billing account?

    I haven't been able to figure out how to get around it. No matter where I try to go to billing from my api account it loads the free trial for the cloud platform when attempting to create the billing account. I'll contact them. Thanks for the help!
  15. Thanks! Never had to use that method before. Learn something new every day. Cheers!

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