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    n00bster got a reaction from www.HDsports.at in Google Map Billing   
    cool 👍 
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    n00bster reacted to DanielH in Jreviews 3.5 upgrade? or update?   
    My last jreviews purchase was:
    JReviews for Joomla - $179.00 GeoMaps - $69.00 PaidListings - $69.00 MyLists - $39.00 UserProfiles - $39.00 total - $395.00 Plus iReview Template - $30 Grand total - $425.00 and that does not include the FacebookApp at that time, ListingResources - $39, Inport Addon - $69, Payment Stripe -$39 etc... addons to name a few, totaling another $147 which would have cost, for everything, $572.00. Plus the fact there has not been any price increases for the last five years really makes the $427.00 price tag for everything in the jreviews arsenal a really good deal.
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    n00bster reacted to Michael Pusch in Pictures rotated after upload   
    Don't need a timeline. Tomorrow is sufficient. 😀
    Seriously, it will be a useful feature for the future to be able rotating pictures. A button in the picture editor to rotate left or right would be nice. It should be possible with default server moduls like GD or Imagick, because not every hoster published special binary ones. 
    Thanks for dealing with this topic.
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    n00bster reacted to Larry Farquhar in Google Maps Pricing Structure   
    Too bad more people aren't complaining. I can no longer use Geomaps using Google Maps.
    The first week the charges were implemented by Google, my bill was $1700. This was AFTER receiving the free $200 monthly credit AND a free $300 credit for adding my credit card. My projected monthly bill was over $7000.00 (USD). Hell no! I had to remove my Google Maps API Key to stop being charged. Of course, my Google maps now have the errors, since I'm not paying for them. Yes, I have a very busy website with almost a million visitors viewing over 14 million pages this year (so far).
    I'm working on static maps to replace the Google maps. But would REALLY like GeoMaps to utilize a different mapping service like OpenMaps. I would regain my useful maps but not have the ridiculous charges!
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    n00bster reacted to DanielH in Who needs United States address data for jreviews fields and fieldoptions?   
    Wanted to post this here before posting in the proper place for offering to see if there is any interest.
    In the past users have asked about an address database to make the setup of JReviews much easier. The time consuming task of creating and entering the data necessary for a complete address is monumental as you all know. What if you could insert that data in a few minutes instead of taking weeks or months, would it be worth it to you?
    I have a United States address (ie: country, state, county, city, zip code) database that has been in progress for quite a while, I was thinking about making it available to JReviews users if the demand warranted. All data was taken from the 2010 census, is complete and structured for JReviews fields and fieldoptions data, (content, fieldoptions, fields, and field groups) tables.
    As is, the data can only be used on new/fresh installs or any install that does not have any field groups, fields, or field options set up yet. Reason is ID numbers will not match but could be edited to work with any install if you want to. In the future I may offer a custom data set for existing installs but for now lets keep it to new installs.
    The structure is as follows:
    Field Groups:
    Geo Location
    Fields (in order)
    (Location group)
    Country - (single select) - 1 United States - Added this in case of future countries being added and control fields.
    State - (single select) - All 50 states including Hawaii plus District of Columbia (NO CONTROLS)
    County - (single select) - Over 3,000 counties. All counties including city counties where necessary (CONTROLLED BY STATE, jr_state)
    City -  (single select) - Over 29,000 cities. All address/post office cities with major schools/universities, military bases, national parks etc. (CONTROLLED BY STATE, jr_state)
    Zip/Postal Code - (single select) -  Over 40,000 zip codes. All active US zip codes including P.O. Box and continental US military. Over seas military not included. (CONTROLLED BY STATE, jr_state)
    Address - (text) empty
    Address2 - (text) empty
    (Geo Location group)
    Latitude - (decimal) - no coordinates included
    Longitude - (decimal) - no coordinates included
    In all 73,636 Rows of fieldoptions (states, counties, cities, zip codes) for the United States. US territories may be added as a supplement later if there is enough interest. The database is complete at this time but need to do more checking its function. There are some things included I am removing for my own site, such as military and university zip codes as "cities". They are only included because someone would eventually want them. The few things possibly not needed are easier to delete then to create and all this data in the first place.
    Not sure if there should be a small fee for this or even how much or what it would be worth to users who need it.
    Your questions, suggestions, and input is greatly appreciated. Please let me know what you think.
    I will put some screen shots up in the future if requested.

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    n00bster reacted to plethoraonline-1492071863 in New Addon   
    Hello Jreviewers, 
    We have started 1 month ago the development of a new addon named  CareerDirect. In this Addon everyone of you can create personality tests, and based on results of the tests Jreviews will suggest you categories of listings, and also exact listings based on that category.
    We are using this addon for our portal, from where the students based on the personality test results, the system suggests them the Study Fields and also the listings based on those fields, we have prepared the test and we are making the last final tweaks. 
    This addon can also be used for Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Places, Events and a lot more... 
    The idea of the addon is when a user doesnt know what he wants or he doesnt have any suggestion, so he can answer some questions, and then based on his need, he gets the results...
    This way you find user interests and make the site more interactive, make people stay more on the site, and with some easy steps they can get what they need based on the answers they put.

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    n00bster reacted to Peter Ward in WYSIWYG editor > Heading > H1   
    I had exactly the same problem - see my solution is below
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    n00bster reacted to plethoraonline-1492071863 in Profile Picture   
    Hello Alejandro,
    Im redesigning the whole userprofiles addon and so far so good... im doing a simple clone of easysocial and jomsocial and till now I LOVE IT.
    the only concern i have at the moment is the layout of user profile when they write a review.
    you can check the screenshot here: 
    Ive checked the file: review_layout.html  
    in this line: 
            <span class="jrReviewAuthor" <?php $Community->addPreviewAttributes($review);?>>
                <?php echo $Community->avatar($review);?>
                <?php echo $Community->screenName($review, true, true);?>
    Can u tell me which file should i check? 
    Some screenshots of the user profile page: 

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    n00bster reacted to plethoraonline-1492071863 in Turning User Profiles Addon into a Powerful Social System!   
    From almost 15 months of struggling to find an easy registration process, but no luck.  Now we have found the solution,  without using any heavy code, No EasySocial, No Jomsocial, No Nothing... Just UserProfiles Addon. Some of you probably tried using that and left it behind (i did the same) because at the first sight it doesnt give you so much possibilities managing all your needs! 
    Well, i was wrong! 
    I will explain to you everything i did creating powerful profiles using only UserProfiles addon step by step, also some added code here and there to make everything easy for everyone. With these changes im having 25-35 registrations / day from 18 - 65 years old.
    First Part
    First, create your Joomla UserGroups based on the profile types u want to have in your website: 
    Example:  Teacher, Parent, Student, Company, Whatever...
    Then go to your Jreviews, and create a Directory, Example: Users.
    Create a Listing Type, User Profiles
    Go to Joomla Categories and create the same structure as u have created in the joomla groups. Exactly the same names:
    Parent Category => Users
    Teacher, Parent, Student, Company, Whatever... all of these inside the Users Category.
    Go to Jreviews categories Manager and create categories, by creating first the Users Category and do not assign listings to it.
    Create Teacher Category and do the same for the rest.
    Now go to the User Profiles Addon, and choose the UserProfiles Directory => Users in our example
    Select all radio buttons to no, if u need something specific u can also mark Yes what u want.
    Go to Profile Types in the left menu of the addon and create the profile types one by one based on the user groups u created.
    Now go to create a new menu UserProfiles Add-on - Account Menus and Type of Menu SIGNUP PAGE, DONT CHOOSE A PROFILE. Save it and access it through your joomla frontend.
    now u will see the registration form with a dropdown where u select the Profile Types, which in fact it assigns also the user to the specified Joomla User Group. After you register, you will be redirected to the dashboard from where u can create your public profile.
    Here arises a problem in our case, that even if u are registered as a Teacher, you are still asked to pick a category for your public profile, which makes the users confusing by selecting and then loading a new form based on the choosen category etc etc.
    So we create a Javascript Code which does thhis: 
    It gets the registered user the group name from joomla and matches it with the same category where the user belongs in Jreviews, so this way you categorize every user automatically, in their categories and it disables the category option. Remember to change the /url/link in the code with your public profile link creation in your site otherwise no one can add listings in your site.
    Add this code in the end of the create.thtml file in templates/jreviews_overrides/views/themes/your_theme/listings
    <?php // Get user group $user_ = JFactory::getUser(); $db = JFactory::getDBO(); foreach($user_->groups as $group){ $query = 'SELECT title FROM #__usergroups'; $query .= ' WHERE id = ' . $group; $db->setQuery( $query ); } ?> <script> if (window.location.pathname == '/url/link') { var userGroupId = "<?php echo $db->loadResult(); ?>"; $( document ).ready(function() { $(document).ajaxStop(function() { $("#cat_id2 option:contains(" + userGroupId +")").attr("selected", true); $('#cat_id2').attr('disabled', true) }); }); }; </script>  
    Go to Field Groups, create one group about the User Registration called :  Basic Information and add, Name, Last Name, Birthday, Birthplace whatever u want... basic information which is the same for all the users.
    Then create the specific group.... Like Extra Information or whatever name. and create the fields u want but... dont forget the assing the user rights: 
    For example if u create a field called Biography for the teacher then assign it to only the Teacher User Group, or Company About Us, assign it only to the company user group... do this for all the fields and profile types u have... if u have similar fields, then dont touch the user group, u dont have to repeat the fields for each profile type. 
    Then assign the field Groups to the User Profiles listing type we created in the beggining.
    Now try the registration and it should work like a charm, from where the user selects only in the beginning his profile and in the next page he registers the full profile, same idea as easy social or jomsocial but in the easiest way possible.
    You should use UserProfiles Addon because it has no extra CSS, Javascripts, so your site will never get heavy on loading... its the best way for a Jreviews Site.
    Second Part - Styling and Making Profiles Unique
    Go to Jreviews, Theme Manager, and give the categories u created a new template suffix _teacher, _company, _student etc.
    Go to templates/jreviews_overrides/views/themes/your_theme/listings and create the files
    and so on for all the profiles, and use the original code from Jreviews for all the files.  We are doing this so every usergroup template can have their own template. A company should have a Company Profile, a teacher with their representing theme with a school foto etc. 
    Suggestion, in the theme files i have used Bootstrap columns for easy templating... even that Alejandro its user his classes based also on bootstrap, just i wasn't familiar.
    You can play and design the profile how u want it, with the Jreviews fields we have created ...
    Thats all for now... everything is running smoothly and easy.
    When ill implement other features in the futures ill let u know.
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    n00bster reacted to plethoraonline-1492071863 in Grow your site traffic up to 60%!   
    Hey Jreviewers,
    I have a website built by Jreviews, from 1.4 years now, but lunched only 3 months ago... well without any big deal marketing i have like 200 unique visitors / day... and round 1.4k page views... 
    But, 3 days ago looking here and there to add some sharing options in the site... (facebook sharing sucks now a days) luckily searching google i was sent to a code canyon script... 
    Whatsapp Sharing button... with a cost of 16$...  checked out the demo and figured it out how that script was made... and implemented everything myself in Jreviews... by adding 2 buttons: 
    Not even Whatsapp Sharing but also Viber Sharing to each listing and also to the jreviews listing view... 
    from three days i have like 340-380 unique visitors / day... 😮 for me this is something which worked very good. this will work only if you are using a different jreviews mobile template or bootstrap col-xs classes, as you cant share from your desktop to whatsapp or viber, and using different template for small devices its the best solution in my opinion....
    Take a look at screenshots
    If someone here needs customizations for the website and implementations or anything i can support any of you... 
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    n00bster reacted to brigadiar in JReviews PaidListing and AcyMailing   
    Hi there, want to tell you about how to sort users with Paid Plans in AcyMailing
    1. Download AcyMailing filter plugin
    2. Create Smart-NewsLetter , choose Advanced Query , paste this code if you sort by:
    SELECT User.email AS `email` FROM #__content AS Listing  LEFT JOIN #__users AS User ON User.id = Listing.created_by  WHERE  (Listing.id IN (SELECT DISTINCT listing_id FROM #__jreviews_paid_orders WHERE order_active = 1 and plan_id IN (4,5,6))) 4,5,6 - it's your paidListing ID's
    SELECT User.name AS `name` FROM #__content AS Listing  LEFT JOIN #__users AS User ON User.id = Listing.created_by  WHERE  (Listing.id IN (SELECT DISTINCT listing_id FROM #__jreviews_paid_orders WHERE order_active = 1 and plan_id IN (4,5,6))) 3. If you want to exclude these users from the rest of the mailing list you need:
      - create Mass action filter
    - paste code above
    - unsubscribe this users from "Global list" or sign to another list.
           - click Save
    4. If you want to exclude these users automatically you need to set up CRON
    read this
    share your experience here  8) 
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    n00bster reacted to Alejandro in JReviews app for mobile platforms   
    For all those interested, our Mobile App is now a thing and it's starting out as invite only. Check out Origami App Builder.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.
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    n00bster reacted to Alejandro in In version no privacy consent checkbox to forms   
    That is correct and I mentioned it in the post and newsletter for the JReviews 3 release announcement.
    While I have tried to continue backporting some new features to JReviews 2.7 even after the release of JReviews 3, it is not possible to continue doing this for a couple of reasons. First, maintaining two different code bases is quite difficult and time-consuming. Second, features developed using new development tools, only available in JReviews 3, cannot be easily ported to JReviews 2.7.
    So, as I said in that announcement and the newsletter sent out to all newsletter subscribers, it should be clear that going forward, all new features will be developed using JReviews 3.
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    n00bster reacted to Roland in related article - related members   
    Hi n00bster,
    Did you got a quotation on this?
    I am also interested in the same. we can share the cost. Depending of the cost..
    Then Alejandro will incorporate it and maintain it.
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    n00bster reacted to Alejandro in function is deprecated   
    I am still in the process of setting things up locally for PHP 7.2 as I have my hands full, but have already started fixing these minor notices as clients report them. First one is new and I just fixed it. Second one I had already fixed for the next update.
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    n00bster got a reaction from Josh Lewis in Events   
    a planned milestone of my project is exactly what Josh mentioned in his post.
    i'm totally up for such an event improvement/feature!
    Josh, count me in for this feature  :)
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    n00bster reacted to Alejandro in JReviews Notification System   
    I appreciate that this is a hot topic and doing this right requires a lot of work to put together a framework that is both extendable and scaleable. I'll try to put some thought into it in the coming months. Maybe this is a good candidate for a crowdfunding campaign, but I also need to spend a lot of time before even doing that because there must be a concrete technical plan in place to estimate required funding.
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    n00bster reacted to Alejandro in Changelog   
    It looks like someone forgot to update the changelog ::)  It's updated now, thanks.
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    n00bster reacted to Alejandro in JReviews 3 Stable Released   
    I am very happy to announce the release of the first stable version of JReviews 3 and Add-ons for JReviews 3. Please read the Build amazing directory and review websites with JReviews 3 blog post for more information and while you are there, please like, share and tweet the post :)
    There have been a few JReviews 3 releases since the first RC1 version so make sure you read the changelogs to find out what's changed, what's new and what's been fixed.
    Going forward, all new features will be developed using JReviews 3. JReviews 2.7 will be put in maintenance mode receiving support and bug fixes for 6 months until the end of September when it will be discontinued.
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    n00bster reacted to Alejandro in Strip Links From Description   
    That's pretty cool, thanks for sharing. How about an even easier way to do this without theme customizations? In the next update of JReviews 3 there will be a new filter post_get_listing_detailpage_query so you can modify the $listing array even before it is sent to the theme file. The example would look like this:
    function strip_links_detail($listing, $params) { // Uncomment line below to dump filter arguments to the screen // dd($listing, $params); $listing['Listing']['text'] = preg_replace('#<a.*?>(.*?)</a>#i', '\1', $listing['Listing']['text']); return $listing; } Clickfwd\Hook\Filter::add('post_get_listing_detailpage_query', 'strip_links_detail', 10);
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    n00bster reacted to Alejandro in Add custom labels to listings (Partner, Exclusif, ..)   
    It will be implemented through filters so you can check the documentation link I shared before. It's the quickest way to add new features and it's significantly more flexible than adding configuration options. It is also the most future proof way of making changes because you don't actually need to modify any core files. The concept is the same as WordPress filters.
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    n00bster reacted to Alejandro in Add custom labels to listings (Partner, Exclusif, ..)   
    @brigadiar: Exactly, that is what you can (will be able to) do.
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    n00bster reacted to Alejandro in Add custom labels to listings (Partner, Exclusif, ..)   
    I am going to use the new filters implementation to give you absoute control to do whatever you want with labels. The filter will receive the $labels as data to filter and the $listing array as a context parameter for writing any logic statements. You can then use that to modify, add or remove labels.
    How does that sound? I'll include an example in the documentation soon and it will be available in the next update.
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    n00bster reacted to plethoraonline-1492071863 in https://www.eduaktiv.al - Lots of customizations   
    Hey there,
    We are finishing our new product for Educational Institutions!
    Check it out!
    Jreviews ONLY,
    With charts integrated and more!!!
    We have made lots of customizations!!!
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    n00bster reacted to Alejandro in Events   
    What you want is not as simple as adding a new type of field. It would require creating a new type of page that lists the prople that added themselves to a listing, etc. And it would not stop there. I would guess that maybe the listing owner may want to email people in the list? So it's not really a quick thing to do.  You can try posting in the freelance board to have this custom developed or post in the Features request board with details about what you want to see what can be considered in the future based on the popularity of the request and individual features.

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