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  1. n00bster

    Jreviews as a gallery :-)

    +1 gallery improvements / gallery sliders and so on ...
  2. n00bster

    Google Map Billing

    cool 👍
  3. that is why i posted here, i did that too (browser cache & private browser window).
  4. I have taken the documentation into account: https://docs.jreviews.com/?title=How_to_edit_the_JReviews_language_files did all what you said, clean cache & file registration of jreviews and double checked the msgid string of correctness. but the default field text does not change from the address field. the code what i have copied to the main language and i want to change is saved in my file in the override folder root/templates/jreviews_overrides/locale/deu/LC_MESSAGES/default.po #: geomaps\locale/locale.php:26 msgid "Enter a location" msgstr "Gib deinen Standort ein" also when i change the language string directly in the geomaps addon language file (DEU) it does also not work 😕
  5. n00bster

    Default Cover Images

    +1 would be very useful. maybe it would possible to add also the possibility to use "SVG" format beside images formats. because i think a cover is mostly a big image what does look on very user device different...
  6. n00bster

    Google Maps Pricing Structure

    unfortunately i don't know that. but it's important to me that interested people know that i would like to be there when someone takes care of the implementation.
  7. n00bster

    Google Maps Pricing Structure

    my project do not have that much traffic, but the feature what Alejandro added is indeed nice to control the loading of google maps script. but as i have sad in a post before: google is far of when it comes to map details and community driven map informations - especially for landscape (outdoor) details. i will say it again, when there are some other persons what are interested to co-found a integration for "openstreetmap" - i'm in!
  8. n00bster

    Predefined_Replies Subject?

    found, i was looking in the wrong menu, access settings thank you.
  9. Where can i change the subject for predefined replies? Because it looks like the documentation is outdated, i do not have this options anymore in the latest version... https://docs.jreviews.com/?title=Predefined_Replies
  10. thx, useful info 🙂 i needed it to crop the image. it only needs to change the mode from "scale" to "crop"! $coverImg = $coverPhoto ? $Media->thumb($coverPhoto, ['size'=>'1170x500','mode'=>'crop', 'return_src'=>false,'thumbnailer'=>'api','suppress_size'=>true], ['class' => false]) : false; maybe add this info also to the DOCs...
  11. n00bster

    EU TAX

    Does your addon includes TAX option too? because in Europe we have to show as business also the TAX. this would be as sample for the Pricing Plan Overview necessary: https://docs.jreviews.com/?title=Pricing_Plans_Overview#Base_Plans
  12. n00bster

    WYSIWYG editor > Heading > H1

    i have the same negativ experience with the update for the editor.
  13. n00bster

    WYSIWYG editor > Heading > H1

    Perfect, thank you very much Alejandro!
  14. can the preset "H1" heading be changed to H2 or H3? because I find to give a member, who is usually not familiar with the search engine rules, the possibility to insert an H1 header is wrong. very listing have a H1 and when a member/user does format a heading with a second H1 it is bad for the ranking - that is what i have learned. maybe there is a way to modify this.
  15. n00bster

    Turning User Profiles Addon into a Powerful Social System!

    Austria 🙂

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