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  1. About the migration we have to move from joomla to WP, from Kunena to the forum that we will decide to, and at the end from jreviews to jreviews,I hope it will work
  2. The addon is made from kunena and it creates threads in the forum from the articles, buti use it with jreviews with success. This is very nice idea, to develop an add on to create posts from jreviews articles for the most forums in WP and in Joomla.
  3. Is there any addon like discuss for kunena in WP ? The add creates from the articles posts in the forum. I look for something similar in WP for any forum. Thank you
  4. Dennis Sim

    Restore Listings

    thank you
  5. Dennis Sim

    Restore Listings

    If i add them back, 40-50 reviews for each listing will be lost, this will create me problem with members and the agencies. thats why i need to restore them. Is it possible to add them by hand and change in the DB listing ID ? if not after replacing these: #__content #__jreviews_content #__jreviews_listing_totals , the reviews will be at the listings ? i know media will need to upload again.
  6. Dennis Sim

    Restore Listings

    Can i export the listing from the back up and import it in the working DB ? Can i insert / create the listing in the working DB ? can i restore the whole table ? What is the name of the table with the listings ?
  7. Dennis Sim

    Restore Listings

    How can i do that is there any instructions somewhere ?
  8. Dennis Sim

    Restore Listings

    I deleted from mistake 2 listings,from the front, how and where i find them and how i restore them ? Thank you
  9. Dennis Sim

    All listings listed by Country

    I think there can add only one field country and not subfields with the cities, correct?
  10. I think that is very important for people that they want to create a directory listing based on the countries and not on the listing categories
  11. Dennis Sim

    JReviews Notification System

    is 2018 any update ? Half year is already passed
  12. I want to show all listings by country and city, any idea how can i do that? I want to do something like this, any offers ?
  13. I want to show all listings by country and city, any idea how can i do that? I want to do something like this, any ideas ? And custom jobs/offers are welcome
  14. Dennis Sim

    International Directory Like backpage

    thank you i know that, i am asking for external addons that i can use. For internal solutions i already asked you
  15. I want to create an international directory like back page . There are 2 options , or the first page to be all the countries http://prntscr.com/h322d5 or at the side of the directory a vertical list with countries and cities http://prntscr.com/h322tb is there any add on for that ? Is impossible to add all countries and all main cities they are more than 10.000

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