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    Alejandro reacted to Mario Costabuck in Jreviews 3.5 upgrade? or update?   
    Could not wait (excited and all that at open source) the upgrade worked for me and perfectly as always. Thank you very much, this is good on so many levels.
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    Alejandro reacted to Kurtis Houser in MyLists Add-on: Issues with Menu Items   
    For the My Lists menu type:
    - In the 'My Lists' tab the 'User Lists Order', 'User Lists page total' and 'User Lists limit per page' settings are ignored. I did not check the the other settings in this tab.
     -In the 'Page Display' tab the 'Browser Page Title', 'Show Page Heading' and 'Page Heading' settings are ignored. I did not check the the other settings in this tab.
    For the User Lists menu type:
    - In the 'Page Display' tab the 'Use Global' option for the 'Show Page Heading' setting is ignored, 'Yes' and 'No' work as expected. 'Browser Page Title' and 'Page Heading' also works as expected. I did not check the the other settings in this tab.
    I also noticed that line 20 in mylists.thtml and lists.thtml is different.
    <?php if (isset($page['title']) && $page['title'] != '' && $page['show_title']):?> vs
    <?php if (isset($page['title']) && $page['title'] != '' && isset($page['show_title']) && $page['show_title']):?> Should these be the same?
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    Alejandro reacted to DanielH in [SOLVED]error "cURL error 60" installing addons from app store during upgrade on localhost   
    I'm using wampserver and should have known to search the web for that error just figured it might have been on your end. You were right though and that error usually can be fixed across all platforms using the same fix.
    For anyone else having the same "cURL error 60"  error on a local server do a search for "cacert.pem" without quotes in your install directory or use the one located in
    /com_s2framework/vendor/guzzle/guzzle/src/Guzzle/Http/Resources/ Copy the path and add it to your php.ini file.
    To place the path in the ini file open php.ini in an editor.
    ;curl.cainfo = replace with as an example:
    curl.cainfo = path_to/cacert.pem In my case it ended up as:
    curl.cainfo = C:\wamp64\www\install-folder-name\components\com_s2framework\vendor\guzzle\guzzle\src\Guzzle\Http\Resources\cacert.pem
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    Alejandro reacted to DanielH in [SOLVED]error "cURL error 60" installing addons from app store during upgrade on localhost   
    Hi Alejandro,
    First off congrats on the bold move going to opensource. I hope this works out for everyone and you are blessed in your venture.
    I am getting an error when attempting to upgrade/install the addons through the app store.
    "cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate (see http://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/libcurl-errors.html)" cURL support is enabled on the local server. I have a local issued ssl cert and the error 60 is as follows:
    CURLE_SSL_CACERT (60) Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with known CA certificates. I attempted to visit the app store in both http and https urls for the local install.
    ADD: Will run through the process on the D.O. server to make sure there are no errors there, which there should not be being it is a known CA.
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    Alejandro reacted to Portsmouth in Custom Map Styles   
    Thanks Alejandro, also the link in geomaps settings gives a 404 http://gmaps-samples-v3.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/styledmaps/wizard/index.html
    https://mapstyle.withgoogle.com/ is a good link which gives loads of options to customise the maps.
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    Alejandro reacted to Portsmouth in Custom Map Styles   
    Finally they are removed, I pasted the json into each map module, I'm not sure why but the modules don't seem to use the settings in the Geomaps addon configuration.
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    Alejandro reacted to Kurtis Houser in MyLists Add-on: Undefined variables   
    These notices appear when viewing a specific list.
    Notice: Undefined variable: fieldOrderArray in .../components/com_jreviews_addons/mylists/views/themes/mylists/lists/listings_tableview.thtml on line 43 Notice: Undefined variable: ratingCriteriaOrderArray in .../components/com_jreviews_addons/mylists/views/themes/mylists/lists/listings_tableview.thtml on line 43  
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    Alejandro reacted to ededi in EasySocial - Messages to listing owner within listing detail page   
    thank you for your time , this works perfectly
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    Alejandro reacted to Michael Pusch in Google Maps Pricing Structure   
    It will.
    We have 10.000 users every day (3.5 Million a year) and after enable the new map button our costs are less than 10$ last three weeks. Like Alejandro wrote: The fewest users click the button to see the map or use a direction generation. Most users only read the content.
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    Alejandro reacted to ritchiebrett-1521376803 in Take the dog - find dog friendly places   
    UK dog friendly places - https://takethedog.co.uk
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    Alejandro reacted to DanielH in Customize The Form That Adds New Listings   
    This can be done through the listing type setup language tab and custom themes.
    Create a new default.po file in a folder structure according to the documentation such as:
    Copy the lines 898, 899 from the original default.po file:

    msgstr "Listing Title"
    to your new custom default.po file.
    Change the msgid and msgstr value to what you want like
    msgstr "Business Name"
    Then change the language string in the listing type language tab from
    Clear the jreviews cache.
    You need to edit these according to the theme/language customization documentation found in How to edit JReviews language files and add them in a/your custom theme as per the JReviews Theme Customization.
    I have attached the file structure with the default.po file. All you need to do is unzip and upload it to your root/templates/ folder then change the string in the listing type language section.
    You might not be able to append the msgid by adding the _BUSSINESS to it. It may have to be the default LANG_LISTING_FORM_TITLE in the .po file and listing type language string but try it both ways. For some reason I am thinking you can in the listing types and addons.
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    Alejandro reacted to Michael Pusch in Advanced Filtering Module User Search   
    Implemented the advanced search modul only with a user search in this area and all works fine for me and it's not necessary to build something like that in an advanced filter modul.
    If someone else need a user search in a modul please consider to enable the possibility of user search in global config > search. I forgot this an wondering why it doesn't work....

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    Alejandro reacted to DanielH in Google Maps Pricing Structure   
    Alejandro, thank you for adding the user map load option to help lessen map loads and charges. As always you are on top of things.!!!
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    Alejandro reacted to contact-1448039172 in the links on the buttons do not work in AMP mode.   
    the answer from the JAmp developer
    " change the following setting as in the image below or disable it selecting 'No' " in plugin JAmp
    It's ok now
    Thanks you for your assistance

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    Alejandro reacted to capeinfo in Acymailing plugin   
    Acyba has updated the JReviews plugin on my development server.  It should be available on their server shortly.
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    Alejandro reacted to Kurt in Error when updating to JR   
    Yes, that worked. Thank you. 
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    Alejandro reacted to Peter Ward in Developer events - debugging   
    FYI - the recent posts module title for this forum has a spelling error:  Recent possts
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    Alejandro reacted to DanielH in DigitalOcean Spaces for data and media storage instead of AWS S3?   
    AWESOME! I see you added this as well as many new features to Jreviews. Have been out of town for months. Have to get settled in in order to give the new versions a run. Been waiting for some of these features and like always, in time you always deliver.
    Thank you for your efforts and hard work!!!
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    Alejandro reacted to Peter Ward in WYSIWYG editor > Heading > H1   
    I had exactly the same problem - see my solution is below
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    Alejandro reacted to plethoraonline-1492071863 in Turning User Profiles Addon into a Powerful Social System!   
    From almost 15 months of struggling to find an easy registration process, but no luck.  Now we have found the solution,  without using any heavy code, No EasySocial, No Jomsocial, No Nothing... Just UserProfiles Addon. Some of you probably tried using that and left it behind (i did the same) because at the first sight it doesnt give you so much possibilities managing all your needs! 
    Well, i was wrong! 
    I will explain to you everything i did creating powerful profiles using only UserProfiles addon step by step, also some added code here and there to make everything easy for everyone. With these changes im having 25-35 registrations / day from 18 - 65 years old.
    First Part
    First, create your Joomla UserGroups based on the profile types u want to have in your website: 
    Example:  Teacher, Parent, Student, Company, Whatever...
    Then go to your Jreviews, and create a Directory, Example: Users.
    Create a Listing Type, User Profiles
    Go to Joomla Categories and create the same structure as u have created in the joomla groups. Exactly the same names:
    Parent Category => Users
    Teacher, Parent, Student, Company, Whatever... all of these inside the Users Category.
    Go to Jreviews categories Manager and create categories, by creating first the Users Category and do not assign listings to it.
    Create Teacher Category and do the same for the rest.
    Now go to the User Profiles Addon, and choose the UserProfiles Directory => Users in our example
    Select all radio buttons to no, if u need something specific u can also mark Yes what u want.
    Go to Profile Types in the left menu of the addon and create the profile types one by one based on the user groups u created.
    Now go to create a new menu UserProfiles Add-on - Account Menus and Type of Menu SIGNUP PAGE, DONT CHOOSE A PROFILE. Save it and access it through your joomla frontend.
    now u will see the registration form with a dropdown where u select the Profile Types, which in fact it assigns also the user to the specified Joomla User Group. After you register, you will be redirected to the dashboard from where u can create your public profile.
    Here arises a problem in our case, that even if u are registered as a Teacher, you are still asked to pick a category for your public profile, which makes the users confusing by selecting and then loading a new form based on the choosen category etc etc.
    So we create a Javascript Code which does thhis: 
    It gets the registered user the group name from joomla and matches it with the same category where the user belongs in Jreviews, so this way you categorize every user automatically, in their categories and it disables the category option. Remember to change the /url/link in the code with your public profile link creation in your site otherwise no one can add listings in your site.
    Add this code in the end of the create.thtml file in templates/jreviews_overrides/views/themes/your_theme/listings
    <?php // Get user group $user_ = JFactory::getUser(); $db = JFactory::getDBO(); foreach($user_->groups as $group){ $query = 'SELECT title FROM #__usergroups'; $query .= ' WHERE id = ' . $group; $db->setQuery( $query ); } ?> <script> if (window.location.pathname == '/url/link') { var userGroupId = "<?php echo $db->loadResult(); ?>"; $( document ).ready(function() { $(document).ajaxStop(function() { $("#cat_id2 option:contains(" + userGroupId +")").attr("selected", true); $('#cat_id2').attr('disabled', true) }); }); }; </script>  
    Go to Field Groups, create one group about the User Registration called :  Basic Information and add, Name, Last Name, Birthday, Birthplace whatever u want... basic information which is the same for all the users.
    Then create the specific group.... Like Extra Information or whatever name. and create the fields u want but... dont forget the assing the user rights: 
    For example if u create a field called Biography for the teacher then assign it to only the Teacher User Group, or Company About Us, assign it only to the company user group... do this for all the fields and profile types u have... if u have similar fields, then dont touch the user group, u dont have to repeat the fields for each profile type. 
    Then assign the field Groups to the User Profiles listing type we created in the beggining.
    Now try the registration and it should work like a charm, from where the user selects only in the beginning his profile and in the next page he registers the full profile, same idea as easy social or jomsocial but in the easiest way possible.
    You should use UserProfiles Addon because it has no extra CSS, Javascripts, so your site will never get heavy on loading... its the best way for a Jreviews Site.
    Second Part - Styling and Making Profiles Unique
    Go to Jreviews, Theme Manager, and give the categories u created a new template suffix _teacher, _company, _student etc.
    Go to templates/jreviews_overrides/views/themes/your_theme/listings and create the files
    and so on for all the profiles, and use the original code from Jreviews for all the files.  We are doing this so every usergroup template can have their own template. A company should have a Company Profile, a teacher with their representing theme with a school foto etc. 
    Suggestion, in the theme files i have used Bootstrap columns for easy templating... even that Alejandro its user his classes based also on bootstrap, just i wasn't familiar.
    You can play and design the profile how u want it, with the Jreviews fields we have created ...
    Thats all for now... everything is running smoothly and easy.
    When ill implement other features in the futures ill let u know.
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    Alejandro reacted to mamra4 in Greek Deal wordpress showcase   
    You can find here (www.lagonika.gr) our Wordpres + jReviews website with Greek Deals (2 years work!).
    Currently we are upgrade jReviews to the latest (jReviews 3) and we try to change our custom code.
    I am sure that you don’t understand anything in Greek 😋
    Thank you!
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    Alejandro reacted to Kurtis Houser in custom_styles.css issues   
    Yes. It worked.
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    Alejandro reacted to radiopol in /index.php?option=com_jreviews&format=ajax:   
    As always right on the spot Alejandro 🙂 

    Still testing but looks good 
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    Alejandro reacted to Matthew Bayliss in Expired listings still showing up in modules   
    So this is what I've come up with based on the workaround idea I mentioned in the last post. It definitely works, just not sure if there's a better way?
    <?php $expired = $listing['Listing']['publish_down'] != NULL_DATE && strtotime($listing['Listing']['publish_down']) < time(); ?> <?php if($expired == "0"):?> <!–– listing template --!> <?php endif;?>  
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    Alejandro reacted to Mark Whitmore in Integration with AltaUserPoints   
    Yes Alejandro, works perfectly from my initial testing. Good job.
    See for yourself: https://footballrated.com/wingers/686-mohamed-salah
    The activity stream from Alta is on the left sidebar. Activity menu item working well. Plugin for CB working well, too. All working.

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