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    Alejandro reacted to Ant in Default Easysocial Avatar not shown when using shortcodes   
    I am using the following shortcode in an article (and numerous other places)
    [jreviews type="listings" listing="924" summary="1" editor_rating="0" extension="com_easysocial" tn_size="200x200" tmpl_suffix="_teachers"]
    The issue that I am getting is that when the user is assigned a default easysocial avatar on registration, the shortcodes do not show that avatar. If the avatar is specifically uploaded by the user then that avatar will show.
    If I don't assign a default avatar on registration and turn on the Easysocial option "Named Based Pictures for Users Without Picture," the avatar is still not shown ( I registered a new user and created a new listing to test this).
    If this is expected behaviour, could you perhaps point me in the direction of the relevant file that controls this behaviour?
    I first discovered the issue with Easysocial 2.2.4 and JReviews
    I was able to replicate the problem using Easysocial 2.2.7 and JReviews
    In both cases I was using Everywhere Addon v.
    Joomla version was 3.8.12
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    Alejandro reacted to Bodo Lamprecht in error: The page you are looking for can't be found   
    under the Link
    the following error message appears:
    The page you are looking for can't be found
    Error 0 - Too few arguments to function S2Array::get(), 1 passed in /var/www/vhosts/jelbesberlin.de/httpdocs/components/com_jreviews_addons/maps/controllers/components/maps_geocoding.php on line 92 and at least 2 expected
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    Alejandro reacted to TomH in Schema - Structured Data Issues   
    I have been reviewing the structured data and trying to find the best fit for my different listing types while producing the least amount of errors in the schema and still being informative to the search engines.
    My Site offers reviews (which are the actual listings) of different product and services and allows users to submit their own reviews.
    Depending on how you read into things and the examples I have seen on the net I could set the object type to a number of different things: Article, NewsArticle, Product, Review, CriticReview, LocalBusiness
    The one thing I notice that the dateModified is missing. This is important as my listings once published never are removed. Can you add dateModified (using the Article Modified date) to the structured data to show Google that our "listings" have been updated and are current? This is also recommended by Google.
    The other thing I notice while using the Structure Testing Tool is that some user reviews ratingValue is listed at 0.6 which is out of the default range set. The low rating is fine but can you modify the output to set the ratingValue to the lowest of 1 so it doesn't generate these Schema errors?
    I was using Product and Organization before. I am thinking of keeping it Product but maybe switching to Article so that the Author property can be used properly and not create another structured error.
    I was also thinking of maybe using Review object type but this creates a warning since the aggregated Rating is within the object type.
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    Alejandro reacted to godweb in Icon in the title field   
    I'm not sure I understood, however I solved as follows.

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    Alejandro reacted to Kurtis Houser in How to configure DigitalOcean Spaces? A bug perhaps?   
    Thanks for the clarification.
    Since this is a migration of media from an existing site the other issue I encountered was that of file permissions.
    I used Cyberduck to upload everything to the individual Spaces I created for each media type. By default all files are private. There's no way to change this to public in bulk through the Spaces Control Panel so it needs to be done through Cyberduck. Other file managers such as Transit for Mac can do this as well. Be warned though! This takes a very long time if you have a large number files. At least that was my experience attempting this with Cyberduck.
    The better option is to use the command line tool s3cmd. DigitalOcean has some good articles on installation and use.
    I highly recommend using this tool. You can upload an entire directory and change the permissions all at the same time. See the usage article above for examples.
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    Alejandro reacted to Michael Pusch in Translation FILTERS_RANGE_MIN   
    It's curious, but when I type it letter for letter in my default.po in overrides, it seems to work.
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    Alejandro reacted to Mark Whitmore in Ways to encourage reviews - let's discuss!   
    Hello Alejandro and fellow JReviewers!
    I hope this in the correct area. 
    I think we all agree that Alejandro is a genius and I've said as much in a review on the JED. He's given us the tools to create our own directory sites and for that I will be extremely grateful. However, I'd imagine many JReviewers over the past decade or so have had an idea about how their own sites should look and operate. I don't have the facts but I'm guessing here that many JReviews sites do not make it into the production stage and, the few that actually do, will not last the distance. This is certainly an issue I've discovered over the years. I've had at least 2 variations of my current site. Initially, it was created under JReviews about 8-9 years ago. This didn't last long as I struggled to promote and encourage interaction from users. The second attempt was using a mixture of plugins on the Wordpress framework which, again, didn't last too long. I fell out of love with the design and ended up burning myself out with too many listings and directories. 
    The idea for this thread is to encourage debate between fellow administrators about how they garnered user interaction. I think it will be beneficial for this JReviews family to share tips and advice on how to grow their directories.
    A tip I'll share is on my listing detail page I've included the following module just above the review form:
    We want your opinion on {listingtitle}! Why not write a review below and tell us what you think... I'm hoping this will encourage more interaction. Another tip I will share is that people generally need prompting to carry out an action. Have you ever watched a popular YouTube video and wondered how the channel managed to hit millions of subscribers? Sure, content is extremely important. Notice that most of the videos will prompt people to click a "Subscribe" button. Most videos will end with an audible prompt asking people to "subscribe for more content", too. This is a very effective marketing technique.
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    Alejandro reacted to Kurtis Houser in Some Add-ons conflicting with 'Rating selector (mobile)' setting   
    Ok, this seems quite odd, and it took me a long time to determine what what was causing the problem.
    If I visit a listing page on my site with an iPhone and add a review the rating selectors are using the 'Rating selector' setting rather than the one for mobile. I was finally able to get the sliders to appear by disabling all of the Add-ons. Then I added one back at a time until the problem reappeared.
    To duplicate the bug, first install RapidLauncher with City Guide and then add a review as a mobile device. The rating selectors will be sliders as expected. Now install and setup the GeoMaps add-on and add a review. The rating selectors are now stars. Now uninstall GeoMaps (or disable with the Add-on Manager) and add a review. The sliders are back.
    Other Add-ons that appear to be causing the same issue on my site are UserProfiles and ListingResources. However, these don't appear to be causing any problems with my local RapidLauncher + City Guide test site. Perhaps it depends on the content associates with a particular listing type.
    Hopefully you're able to recreate the problem.
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    Alejandro reacted to Michael Pusch in Map is showing in list page   
    Works fine.
    Thank you.
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    Alejandro reacted to Kurtis Houser in Invalid breadcrumb markup   
    The UserProfiles breadcrumb is also missing the Schema markup.
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    Alejandro reacted to Peter Ward in Time hh:mm in custom field?   
    I used a text custom field as above with max 5 characters, regex ([01]?[0-9]|2[0-3]):[0-5][0-9] and a placeholder description hh:mm to create a 'time' field.
    I then used the 'jrListingFieldsLoaded' javascript event to append the 'time' field input box to the date field, and hid the 'time' field label.
    You could modify this code further to add your chosen timepicker plugin/widget to the time field. I decided not to do this as I a) couldn't find an easy to use jQuery plugin that I liked that worked equally well on desktop and mobile and b) didnt' feel the small extra benefit provided to the end user justified writing and maintaining this extra code (which may clash with future jreviews updates).
    Finally I hid the time field on detail and list views, and used PHP Based Formatting on the date field to show the date and time together. Alternatively you could just add the time field to the Output Format of the date field but I wanted a more complex output based on which of the start date/time, end date/time field pairs were completed, if they were on the same day/month/year etc.
    <script> (function($) { $(document).ready(function(){ $('div.jr-page').on('jrListingFieldsLoaded',function() { var dtfields = { '.jrStarttime':'.jr_startdate', '.jrEndtime':'.jr_enddate' }; for (var key in dtfields) { $(key).hide(); $(dtfields[key]).parent().append($(key + " input")); } }); }); })(jQuery); </script>
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    Alejandro reacted to crazyleggs in Known issues with JReviews 3.1.1 and PHP 7.2.2   
    I never came back to this. I believe my issue was cURL related. Once I resolved my cURL issues, everything started working the way it should.
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    Alejandro reacted to www.HDsports.at in List Pages - My Favourites   
    hello Alejandro,
    thank you for the information. i was not sure if it is normal or not.
    When i use ure Custom Where code it works perfect - thank you 🙂
    Best regards, tom
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    Alejandro reacted to gicker in White Screen on JReviews Backend   
    Thanks Alejandro.  Upgrading to v3.5 from 2.7 did the trick.
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    Alejandro reacted to Kurtis Houser in MyLists Add-on: multiple issues.   
    Today, on my dev site you helped with, I noticed that I still can't see the Private Yes/No radio buttons option when creating a new list for a registered user. However, I can see it when editing the list. When logged in as an admin everything works.
    I thought I confirmed that this was working before but maybe I missed it. Perhaps check this on your end before releasing the next update.
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    Alejandro reacted to Kurtis Houser in Comments & Ratings disabled but still see form when submitting a new listing   
    This is clean install of JR 3.5 with City Guide data from RapidLauncher.
    The settings are:
    Listing Type Settings
    Comments & Ratings: Disable comments and ratings 
    Review Form when submitting a new Listing
    Review form shown to: Everyone
    Make review optional: Yes
    When I submit a new listing I still see the comments form at the bottom. This is not the behavior I'm expecting.
    And a minor note if it concerns you. I get the following notice if captcha is not properly setup.
    Notice: Undefined variable: captcha in .../components/com_jreviews/jreviews/views/themes/default/listings/create_form.thtml on line 421 Thanks,
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    Alejandro reacted to Kurtis Houser in Comments & Ratings disabled but still see form when submitting a new listing   
    Additionally, if 'Allow comments and ratings' is selected for a Listing Type that doesn't currently have any Rating Criterion setup, the following warning is displayed.
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in .../templates/jreviews_overrides/views/helpers/review_helper.php on line 304  
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    Alejandro reacted to Kurtis Houser in UserProfiles: Unable to change name on Change Your Name page   
    After clicking the 'Save changes' button a 500 - Internal Server Error appears in the console.
    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) http://localhost/jrtemp/index.php?option=com_jreviews&format=ajax The following error appears in the HTML response of the network tab in Safari.
    Error: Call to undefined method Joomla\CMS\Document\RawDocument::addHeadLink(): Too few arguments to function UserprofilesValidationComponent::validateChangeName(), 0 passed in /Applications/AMPPS/www/jrtemp/components/com_jreviews_addons/userprofiles/controllers/userprofiles_accounts_controller.php on line 312 and exactly 1 expected All of the others, username, email and password, I can change w/o issues.
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    Alejandro reacted to Michel in Media Title generation   
    Thank you very much. This did it for me. This will save me a lot of time.
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    Alejandro reacted to oliver hauser in Programatically create and update listings   
    Thank you Alejandro, I will do so. (Testing right now and implementing in a plugin). 🙂
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    Alejandro reacted to oliver hauser in Programatically create and update listings   
    I've tested and will use these methods from above, they work great.
    Now, is there a similar way to add media to listings, cause I would like to also directly add images when importing the listtng?
    Ok, I found out so far, parts of it.
    Think I would have to do 2 requests.
    First one:
    $params['data']['controller']     = 'media_upload';
    $params['data']['action']         = '_uploadUrl';
    $params['data']['upload_url']     = 'URL;
    $params['data']['Media']['listing_id'] = 226;
    $params['data']['Media']['review_id']  = 0;
    $params['data']['Media']['extension']  = 'com_content';
    This to save the file from an URL.
    And a second one as:
    $params['data']['action'] = ' _saveEdit';
    $params['data']['controller']  = 'media';
    $params['data']['Media]['media_id'] =  98;
    $params['data']['Media]['title']  = 'Title';
    $params['data']['referrer']   = 'create';
    As I can tell, the first request can't handle the params used in the second request, they are ignored. So if having to change any of these values, the second one is also required.
    And I think that there is no update possible. Makes sense also, as the files can only be created or deleted, but not updated. This would have to be done in a custom check?
    Is this the solution that could be used, or are there some other options?
    & would it work with a local file when not loading from an url? (Like saving the file first locally on the server)
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    Alejandro reacted to IvorJ in Some Help to display Listings with Reviews   
    Like always, GREAT support and software that does EVERYTHING. Thank you Alejandro it works. I will fine-tune further
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    Alejandro reacted to Mario Costabuck in Jreviews 3.5 upgrade? or update?   
    Could not wait (excited and all that at open source) the upgrade worked for me and perfectly as always. Thank you very much, this is good on so many levels.
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    Alejandro reacted to Kurtis Houser in MyLists Add-on: Issues with Menu Items   
    For the My Lists menu type:
    - In the 'My Lists' tab the 'User Lists Order', 'User Lists page total' and 'User Lists limit per page' settings are ignored. I did not check the the other settings in this tab.
     -In the 'Page Display' tab the 'Browser Page Title', 'Show Page Heading' and 'Page Heading' settings are ignored. I did not check the the other settings in this tab.
    For the User Lists menu type:
    - In the 'Page Display' tab the 'Use Global' option for the 'Show Page Heading' setting is ignored, 'Yes' and 'No' work as expected. 'Browser Page Title' and 'Page Heading' also works as expected. I did not check the the other settings in this tab.
    I also noticed that line 20 in mylists.thtml and lists.thtml is different.
    <?php if (isset($page['title']) && $page['title'] != '' && $page['show_title']):?> vs
    <?php if (isset($page['title']) && $page['title'] != '' && isset($page['show_title']) && $page['show_title']):?> Should these be the same?

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