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    Schema - Structured Data Issues

    I forgot to mention that datePublished and dateModified will only be used for Article, NewsArticle, BlogPosting types. Whereas before, datePublished was only being used for Article. Not all types accept these properties. In some cases you can use datePublished, like for Books, but here you should use a custom field and mark that up with yourself because you don't want the listing creation being used in this case.
  2. Alejandro

    Schema - Structured Data Issues

    Thanks for pointing these out. In the next update the dateModified property will be used if a listing has been updated and the modified date will be shown instead of the created date, per Google's recommendations. This of course with the corresponding markup for both datePublished and dateModified. I've also fixed the issue with the ratings below 1 by including the worstRating property instead of rounding up the ratingValue. JReviews already outs the bestRating property when the rating scale is different than 5.
  3. Alejandro

    Default Cover Images

    You got it! Coming out in the next update. You will be able to set a global cover and you can also have a different default cover per listing type.
  4. You used the correct path /templates/jreviews_overrides/filters/filter_functions.php I tested the code before posting it. Maybe try it once more and if it still doesn't work submit a ticket and I can take a look.
  5. Alejandro

    [SOLVED] Description and Summary between custom fields!

    While having settings is useful, having too many of them just creates chaos. It's also not possible to have every customization option documented, but there is enough documentation, examples and forum posts to get ideas on what you can do to change the site according to your specific needs. The code in theme files is also typically well documented or easy to read. There are also several built-in tools you can use for theme customizations. 1. Easily find which theme file to change with theme debug 2. Override themes without changing core files with theme overrides 3. Customizing the listing detail page If you open the detail page theme file you'll find the code for the summary/description that you can remove. <?php /* SUMMARY - DESCRIPTION */ ?> <div class="jrListingFulltext <?php echo $char_limit > 0 ? 'jr-show-more' : ''; ?>" <?php echo $char_limit > 0 ? 'data-characters="'. $char_limit .'"' : ''; ?> itemprop="description"> <?php echo $listing['Listing']['text'] !== strip_tags($listing['Listing']['text']) ? $listing['Listing']['text'] : nl2br($listing['Listing']['text']);?> </div> You could potentially also use a developer filter. More specifically the Post_Get_Listing_Detailpage_Query. These are for development purposes and so not every possible example will be listed there, but there's one already for removing links that you can easily adjust. The idea would be to move the summary/description to a different place so the theme cannot see it, and so it doesn't output it, and then you can read it in your custom field using the example in my original reply. It would work like this. <?php function hide_detail_page_summary_desc($listing, $params) { // Uncomment line below to dump filter arguments to the screen // dd($listing, $params); $listing['Listing']['text_copy'] = $listing['Listing']['text']; $listing['Listing']['text'] = ''; return $listing; } Clickfwd\Hook\Filter::add('post_get_listing_detailpage_query', 'hide_detail_page_summary_desc', 10); Make sure you read the instructions for using developer filters from the beginning of the article. With that very little code you can hide the summary/description. Then in your banner custom field php format, instead of using the 'text' key, use 'text_copy'. return $entry['Listing']['text_copy'] !== strip_tags($entry['Listing']['text_copy']) ? $entry['Listing']['text_copy'] : nl2br($entry['Listing']['text_copy']);
  6. Alejandro

    Related articles for Listings

    Quite frankly it would simply be a lot easier if you create an "Articles" listing type in JReviews and include the category in your existing setup. Then you can take advantage of all of the existing functionality for listings, including related listing features, widgets, and so on.
  7. Alejandro

    Can I pls have query for

    This is what the key looks like: KEY `listing` (`pid`,`mode`,`published`,`author`,`created`), So you can create it with: ALTER TABLE #__jreviews_comments ADD INDEX `listing` (`pid`, `mode`, `published`, `author`, `created`) Replace #__ with your table prefix.
  8. Hi Where's the condition for the special author id? Now it will run for all listings submitted by a registered user. Try to add your condition to the if statement. <?php if ( $listing['User']['user_id'] == 100 ): ?>
  9. Alejandro

    Difference between MapsPro and GeoMaps

    Hi, 1. The demo sites are both using MapsPro now. You can read more about the Add-on in the release announcement 2. Yes 3. You can save 20% now if you purchase during the current sale. There isn't a discount for GeoMaps users and you only really need MapsPro if you are paying a monthly bill for Google Maps. In that case the savings you get from not paying Google will quickly pay for the Add-on.
  10. Alejandro

    [SOLVED] Description and Summary between custom fields!

    Hi There isn't a setting to hide summary and description, you have to remove the code yourself from the corresponding theme files. The order of groups and fields can be changed through drag & drop in the field groups and fields manager.
  11. Hi, I just released a series of updates for JReviews and several Add-ons. In addition to many bug fixes and other improvements, the most notable changes are: JReviews is now compatible with Joomla 4 (tested with Alpha 6). If you are going to test it and you are upgrading from Joomla 3, install the Joomla 4 Migrator Add-on and run it after you are already in Joomla 4. Joomla 4 is still some time away from stable, so don't install it on a production site! There are new mobile pagination settings in many of the Joomla modules and WordPress widgets so you can set the total number of results and columns to use for mobile. Previously these were hardcoded with default values that didn't meet everyone's needs. Make sure you update your modules after the update to set the settings you want for your site. Structured data markup has been included in list pages to make them eligible for Google's carousels which appear on mobile devices. While Google only supports Recipe, Course, Article types at this time, they will be including more in the future and the markup works for anything you have now as your Schema.org type in the Listing Type settings. The structured data is only included on pages where the same listing type is used for the whole list (category pages or pages where a category or listing type can be detected). Enjoy! Alejandro
  12. Alejandro

    Icon in the title field

    You can't use HTML in the title input, but you can try to use the same approach described here So you would need to modify the :after attribute of the field label using the unicode character for the icon you wish to use.
  13. Alejandro

    Cannot Find MapsPro Addon to Purchase

    I added a note answering this question which is visible when you click on the "Upgrade Plan" button. Please have a look and let me know if you have any other suggestions to make all of this a bit clearer.
  14. Alejandro

    Cannot Find MapsPro Addon to Purchase

    Yes, the Standard plan gives you access to purchase any Add-on you want including MapsPro.
  15. Alejandro

    Cannot Find MapsPro Addon to Purchase

    If you upgrade to the Standard plan, you continue to have all the Add-ons you already purchased. If you upgrade to Pro or Dev, you gain access to all Add-ons in existence.
  16. Alejandro

    Cannot Find MapsPro Addon to Purchase

    You would need to use the "Upgrade Plan" option. This will take any time left you have on your current subscription and reduce it from the price of the plan you select and give you 12 months from the moment you upgrade. You will be able to see the upgrade price with corresponding discounts after you click on the button and then make your decision. You also get a prorated discount for any Add-ons you've purchased if you choose the Professional or Dev plans since those plans include all Add-ons past and future.
  17. Alejandro

    Related Listing in a Module

    You can show the related listings anywhere you want on the page. To do this, you use change the "target class" setting in the widget. So for example, you can change it to "jrRelatedProducts". Then you create a new custom html module with the code: <div class="jrRelatedProducts"></div>
  18. Alejandro

    Cannot Find MapsPro Addon to Purchase

    Hi. New Add-ons released after the introduction of the new pricing plans are only available for licenses in the Standard, Professional or Developer plans. This is mentioned in the forum announcement post and also in the October 14th blog post.
  19. Alejandro

    Reducing YouTube embedding size

    That looks pretty cool and I will add it to tasks to be looked into in future updates. I have to provide solutions that work across the board and that means all video providers that currently work with JReviews and not all of them will provide you with the image through a straightforward URL that includes the video id. Right now if you use the video lightbox layouts then the iframe doesn't load until you click on the thumbnails. The code for the video providers is here /components/com_jreviews/jreviews/services/storage, one separate file for each one. And inside you'll find the function displayVideo which gives you the $videoId you need.
  20. Alejandro

    1146 Table 'web51_db40.#__jreviews_criteria' doesn't exist

    Hi. It's not really the same error, but I made the 2.7 download available for the time being so you can find it in the client area. You'll need to install that and follow the instructions in the documentation and run the ratings migrator add-on.
  21. Hi, As you may, or may not, have heard, the official release of WordPress 5 is now imminent with a target day of tomorrow Dec. 6th. You can read more about this on the WordPress 5 Target Date blog post. Not everyone is happy with the timing of the release. Yoast, one of the most popular WordPress plugin developers, published a blog post related to this Should you update to WordPress 5.0? With regards to JReviews, the release also came as a surprise because I had been reading in the past few days that many in the community preferred an early 2019 release to give everyone enough time to prepare, rather than doing it so close to the holidays. I personally have not had any time to do through testing with JReviews and WordPress 5, but the results of my very limited testing indicate that there don't appear to be any major issues between JReviews 3.5 and WordPress 5. However, I do recommend that you wait to update until after any initial issues within WordPress 5 itself are ironed out. It would be helpful if you update for testing purposes on a development site and report any issues with JReviews. JReviews will not be able to support the use of the new Gutenberg editor for the time being as this would require a complete overhaul of the code. You can still use Gutenberg for core posts and pages, and JReviews will continue to use the classic editor. Moving on to Joomla. While Joomla 4 is still in Alpha, the amount of breaking changes to existing extensions when upgrading from Joomla 3 is quite substantial! I wasn't even able to install JReviews 3.5 on my first try. However, in preparation for future compatibility with Joomla 4, whenever the stable version is released, I've already dedicated a considerable amount of time refactoring the code to the point where JReviews 3.5 now works on Joomla 4 Alpha 6, while also remaining backwards compatible with Joomla 3.9. Maybe also Joomla 3.8 and a few others below, which I haven't tested because we all need to move forward. The next update of JReviews 3.5 will already incorporate some of these changes so you can also get started with testing JReviews on Joomla 4. That's all for now. I am still working on a few tasks before releasing the next update. And now that these platform issues and concerns can be put aside for the time being, there's more time to dedicate to more interesting developments! All the best, Alejandro
  22. Thanks. I just checked this and it was a misconfiguration issue. I updated the settings on your site and was able to upload a photo which displays without error. It also works with the CDN. So basically, the problem was that you added paths to both the space setting and the CDN setting when there should be no paths added. If your photos space name is "itasteit". Then you write that in the photos space setting. For the CDN URL, if you want to use the CDN, you use "https://itasteit.sfo2.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com", also without any extra paths. JReviews takes care of all that. You can either use the same space for everything, or you also have the option of creating a different space for each media type if you prefer to have them organized separately. You can in fact create multiple spaces for the same $5/month.
  23. Alejandro

    Translation FILTERS_RANGE_MIN

    Crazy! You don't want to know how much time it took me to figure this out 😎
  24. Alejandro

    Translation FILTERS_RANGE_MIN

    I came back to this and after going line by line in the code to figure out where it was breaking I realized there was nothing wrong. .There's something very odd going on here because I copied the strings from your post and those don't work. However, after deleting it and manually writing the whole thing instead of copy/paste, it actually worked. And the weird thing is that even if I changed the msgid to something else, but using the pasted string, it also didn't work. So please try that again. Remove the msgid and msgstr. Then write it manually and clear the registry.
  25. I don't have an active configuration for this that I can quickly review. If you want to provide access via ticket I am happy to check there. However, the other thing you can try is actually specifying the CDN URLS in the JReviews media settings so you can tell it to use "https://itasteit.sfo2.digitaloceanspaces.com/test" or "https://itasteit.sfo2.digitaloceanspaces.com/test/photos" as the domain.

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