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  1. In the same Media Settings page, there's a setting towards the top of the tab that allows you to specify the location of the image. There's no way to force users to upload photos at all as these is done in a second step. You would need to moderate listings and reply back with a message asking to complete the media uploads before it will be published.
  2. Alejandro

    Hide fields title in listings module

    You use CSS to hide it. .jrModuleFieldTitle { display: none; }
  3. There are default image settings in Media Settings that do this exactly.
  4. Alejandro

    Jreviews 3.5 upgrade? or update?

    Thanks. I will continue to review the feedback from all clients over the coming weeks to see if there's a need to tweak the options for the Legacy plan.
  5. Alejandro

    Jreviews 3.5 upgrade? or update?

    Tony. What you said is mostly correct. However, the exact discount quoted for you for upgrading to the Professional plan is $289.00 and that includes a pro-rated amount of your support/updates period and purchased Add-ons. So if you wait to upgrade until May of 2019, you will have used up all your days and the discount will be closer to what I told you before. You don't get the same discount for the Standard plan because that plan doesn't include all Add-ons. For the Standard plan the discount you get is for your unused days. If you want to discuss your account in more detail feel free to submit a ticket. Jeavons. The Legacy plan will be phased out and the new plans will take over. With the option to renew before the end of the year, everyone has at least one year, and in many cases, more than that, to plan ahead.
  6. Alejandro

    Jreviews 3.5 upgrade? or update?

    Not exactly, because upgrading doesn't always mean you pay full price. When you upgrade you get a discount based on any unused days in your period, and Add-ons you've purchased. If you don't have any unused days, then the discount is based on the latter only. In your case the discount could be around $255 if you wait till expiration. You can check what it would be now by clicking the upgrade button that appears on your license in the Client Area and clicking on the Professional plan.
  7. Alejandro

    Jreviews 3.5 upgrade? or update?

    Everything you purchased you get to keep regardless of when, or if, you renew. However, when you upgrade to one of the new plans, if you choose the Standard plan, your renewal will be calculated based on the price of JReviews + the price of Add-ons you've purchased. If you have a lot of Add-ons, the professional plan is a better deal.
  8. Alejandro

    Jreviews 3.5 upgrade? or update?

    You can renew that license at any time before the end of this year and get 12 months added to it so the support/updates will expire on Feb 2020. If you choose not to renew it before the end of the year, then come February, you will only be able to renew if you upgrade to one of the new plans.
  9. Alejandro

    mobile view messed up

    1. You can hide the breadcrumbs with CSS @media (max-width: 480px) { .jrPathway { display: none; } } 2. The URL issue is coming from your template, not JReviews: https://www.mamon.biz/media/template/theme-2a7d4df8.css body { word-wrap: break-word; -moz-hyphens: auto; hyphens: auto; } You would need to revert the word-wrap value for the link like this: body .jrFieldValue a { word-wrap: normal; } 3. The image displays exactly in the same position as it does on desktop. That's below the listing title and not at the bottom of the listing. Alternatively use the listing header and assign the main image as the logo so it displays with the cover on both desktop and mobile. You can create a separate theme for mobile and put your customized theme files for mobile there. Then select that theme as the mobile theme in the configuration. I already replied to your other post related to the video. Any change you want to make related to this means you need to customize the theme file. I can't help you with that.
  10. The detail theme file doesn't have a lot of code. It's just a matter of opening the file and looking around and try moving things. For example, this is the part I think you are looking for: <?php /* MEDIA BOTTOM - INPAGE PHOTO GALLERIES AND STANDARD LAYOUTS */ ?> <?php echo $this->element('listing_detail_media',['position'=>'bottom','mainMedia'=>$mainMedia]);?>
  11. Alejandro

    Jreviews 3.5 upgrade? or update?

    JReviews 3.5 is available to everyone with active updates. All licenses prior to the announcement now have the "Legacy" plan. If you log in to your account you will see the "Legacy" label to the right of your license info in the top-right of the card. Whatever label you see there, that's your current plan. While the "Legacy" plan included free support & updates for all Add-ons, the "Standard" plan takes into consideration which Add-ons you've purchased and adjust the renewal accordingly. The cut-off date to renew/extend your support & updates for the "Legacy" plan is the end of this year. If your updates already expired and you renew, you get 12 months under the "Legacy" plan from the moment you renew. If your updates are active and you renew, you get 12 months added to your current period in the "Legacy" plan. Starting next year it will no longer be possible to renew a "Legacy" plan license when updates expire. You'll need to upgrade to one of the new plans.
  12. There aren't. Try logging out, then back in to see if that changes anything. If this happens on a live site I can access then you can also submit a ticket.
  13. What are you using for in localhost? XAMPP? I remember a similar issue from a few years ago. If you google the error and XAMPP you should find a solution.
  14. Thanks! The connection to the updates server is done through SSL and for security purposes SSL is the preferred communications method so that all transmitted data is passed securely. This needs to be fixed on your server side by updating the certificates.
  15. Alejandro

    MyLists Add-on: multiple issues.

    Thanks. I wrote this down to confirm and fix. When I work on this if I am not able to replicate any of the issues I'll get in touch with you so we can try solve them before the next update.

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