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    Michael Pusch got a reaction from Alejandro in Translation FILTERS_RANGE_MIN   
    It's curious, but when I type it letter for letter in my default.po in overrides, it seems to work.
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    Michael Pusch got a reaction from Alejandro in Map is showing in list page   
    Works fine.
    Thank you.
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    Michael Pusch got a reaction from n00bster in Pictures rotated after upload   
    Don't need a timeline. Tomorrow is sufficient. 😀
    Seriously, it will be a useful feature for the future to be able rotating pictures. A button in the picture editor to rotate left or right would be nice. It should be possible with default server moduls like GD or Imagick, because not every hoster published special binary ones. 
    Thanks for dealing with this topic.
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    Michael Pusch reacted to DanielH in Google Maps Pricing Structure   
    Not trying to offend anyone but lets be reasonable and everyone calm down.
    There's an affect to Alejandro's income already by users who do not renew their packages with jreviews then demand that their be money spent for other options scripted to save a buck for themselves. Some may complain about the costs without ever being charged by "g" or upgrading to use the new button option, yet someone has to pay for new map options. To threaten someone using the "you will loose income" statement about income they are not getting anyway is not a good way to go about it. After JReviews' track record and excellent support I trust Alejandro's judgement and timing.
    I suggest implementing the button Alejandro added and see what your costs are ,if any at all, before demanding jreviews spend money on this. There are many more other large jreviews site owners who have not stated anything about the costs or wanting new options yet. Many have not added the new button option. I think it would be best to see what they have to report from the button usage before flying off the handle.
    Site owners who cannot afford jreviews, a domain name, and hosting for the year are in the wrong business. Any business that cannot afford the minimal cost for a sites expenses at the joomla/jreviews level needs to look for a different line of work. My Digital Ocean hosting and everything, JR included, for one site is is roughly $550/yr. Most broke people spend that on soft drinks, booze, junk food, tobacco products or other wasted expenses in only a few months.
    Please don't use the threat tone towards Alejandro, he has one of the best products and SERVICE found anywhere in this market.
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    Michael Pusch got a reaction from Dennis T. in Using Jreviews as a powerfull article system   
    If you don't want to use Jreviews "only" as a review site with user generated content rather additional as an article system there is one things that make this very laborious.
    Most time I spend with the work on inserting pictures in the article. It would be a very nice feature to have more possibilities to do that.
    I don't know what is the best way to do that, but if you insert a picture in the article those things would be very awesome:
    - The picture shouldn't appear in the gallery (Contact sheet or film strip) when inserted in the article.
    - The picture description should be shown as a capture under the picture
    - The picture should have the option to show with or without the lightbox on click.
    - To insert a picture an editor-button would be cool, that lists all pictures loaded up in this listing and you can easy choose the preferred.
    I know, that is a feature request for the far future. But I think it would be another powerful revaluation for jreviews and users can profit from this features.
    I generate an example page with pictures and caption here:
    Eventually someone has other ideas in this direction and we can collect them in this thread for Alejandro, who is sitting with twisting eyes when reading this. 😀

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    Michael Pusch got a reaction from Alejandro in Google Maps Pricing Structure   
    It will.
    We have 10.000 users every day (3.5 Million a year) and after enable the new map button our costs are less than 10$ last three weeks. Like Alejandro wrote: The fewest users click the button to see the map or use a direction generation. Most users only read the content.
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    Michael Pusch got a reaction from Alejandro in Advanced Filtering Module User Search   
    Implemented the advanced search modul only with a user search in this area and all works fine for me and it's not necessary to build something like that in an advanced filter modul.
    If someone else need a user search in a modul please consider to enable the possibility of user search in global config > search. I forgot this an wondering why it doesn't work....

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    Michael Pusch got a reaction from Daniel.de in Geomaps Language File German for Jreviews3   
    Here is another german language file for geomaps addon for Jreviews 3.
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    Michael Pusch reacted to Alejandro in Upcoming Mobile App   
    @Anh: Indeed, in full force, non-stop since mid-August, with a dedicated team. It is an extremely complex project because everything has to be done from scratch, as we are not just re-packaging the website for mobile view. Also, by nature, a white-label App is going to be significantly more complicated to build than a dedicated App for just one client. Front and backend work is very advanced now, but we need a new UI for the App as well as a brand new tool that will allow clients to create, setup and configure many App features.
    Almost 1500 hours have already been invested in the App since August, without counting the 2-prior years where the whole concept was being developed and the API and initial App concept were built. As you can imagine, a significant investment is being made to deliver this product so I am very interested in bringing it to market as soon as possible so that it can start generating some cash flow not only to start recouping some of that investment, but also to pay for future development.
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    Michael Pusch got a reaction from Alejandro in Widget Code in Joomla Modul   
    Oh god,
    In this moment I figured out, that in the widget factory config you must force SSL if your site uses https only.
    Searching and testing for hours.....
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    Michael Pusch got a reaction from Daniel.de in Prevent to Load Google Maps Scripts in Unused Listings   
    I'm using GeoMaps Addon for some categories and wondering, how it is possible to prevent the loading from Google scripts in listings, that don't use the GeoMaps Addon?
    There are some scripts loading in every listing:
    maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?language=de&libraries=places&callback=jrmapinit (73KB)
    maps.googleapis.com/maps-api-v3/api/js/30/1a/intl/de_ALL/common.js (114KB)
    maps.googleapis.com/maps-api-v3/api/js/30/1a/intl/de_ALL/util.js (127KB)
    maps.googleapis.com/maps-api-v3/api/js/30/1a/intl/de_ALL/stats.js (3,5KB)
    That are more than 300 KB data on every listing page, loading from google.
    Is it possible, evtually as a future request, to tell jreviews loading scripts only in listing types where they are used?
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    Michael Pusch got a reaction from Daniel.de in Load JS and CSS from CDN   
    I am using JBETOLO and it works with all other extensions and joomla. Only scripts and css from JReviews did not load from CDN.
    I will try cdnforjoomla.

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