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  1. Michael Pusch

    Google Maps Pricing Structure

    Excuse me, Tommi. But Sites with less traffic doesn't have a problem with the costs and can use Google Maps. Sites with much traffic can use the implemented Button to reduce the costs. I'm not fine with G and their business model, but I agree with Daniel, that there were many other important things that Alejandro have on his todo list.
  2. Michael Pusch

    Pictures rotated after upload

    Don't need a timeline. Tomorrow is sufficient. 😀 Seriously, it will be a useful feature for the future to be able rotating pictures. A button in the picture editor to rotate left or right would be nice. It should be possible with default server moduls like GD or Imagick, because not every hoster published special binary ones. Thanks for dealing with this topic.
  3. Michael Pusch

    Pictures rotated after upload

    I can't, because it happens arbitrarily. In the screenshot all pictures on mobile device are in portrait format (Samsung Galaxy S9). After uploading some pictures are in landscape and in the wrong way.
  4. Michael Pusch

    Easy Social or JoomSocial

    I'm not sure. Need a community solution for a project and wondering with solution is the best in collaborating with jreviews. Does someone have any suggestions?
  5. Michael Pusch

    Pictures rotated after upload

    Ok, I'm wondering that it happens so often in the last time. It's not possible to check the pictures on the mobile device of the user. Probably they take the shots in the wrong way and can't recognize it on their device before uploading. Eventually that happens so often because always more people are using mobile devices for upload the pics.
  6. For some time there are many pictures uploaded in the incorrect format. They lay on side and many users are unable to rotate this pictures. I ask them and by default that are pictures uploaded from mobile devices. While searching for a solution I read many about EXIF Data, that contains the correct alignment of the pictures, but they where stripped after reformatings like scaling, etc. Does Jreviews have any hidden settings to prevent this? The same occured in my XenForo gallery while mobile uploads, but the gallery have a rotating button and the users can easy rotate the pictures.
  7. Michael Pusch

    Google Maps Pricing Structure

    It will. We have 10.000 users every day (3.5 Million a year) and after enable the new map button our costs are less than 10$ last three weeks. Like Alejandro wrote: The fewest users click the button to see the map or use a direction generation. Most users only read the content.
  8. If you don't want to use Jreviews "only" as a review site with user generated content rather additional as an article system there is one things that make this very laborious. Most time I spend with the work on inserting pictures in the article. It would be a very nice feature to have more possibilities to do that. I don't know what is the best way to do that, but if you insert a picture in the article those things would be very awesome: - The picture shouldn't appear in the gallery (Contact sheet or film strip) when inserted in the article. - The picture description should be shown as a capture under the picture - The picture should have the option to show with or without the lightbox on click. - To insert a picture an editor-button would be cool, that lists all pictures loaded up in this listing and you can easy choose the preferred. I know, that is a feature request for the far future. But I think it would be another powerful revaluation for jreviews and users can profit from this features. I generate an example page with pictures and caption here: https://www.kuechen-forum.de/kuechenhersteller-news/leicht-kollektion-2019/ Eventually someone has other ideas in this direction and we can collect them in this thread for Alejandro, who is sitting with twisting eyes when reading this. 😀
  9. I figured out, if you have enabled a related listing widget and the listing title of the current listing contains i.E. Brackets, the javascript produces a 404 Error while trying to load the widget.
  10. Hi Daniel, I'm searching for a database with all kitchen dealers and kitchen manufakturers in the united states. In germany you can buy those databases as excel files for up to 400,- + tax and it is not difficult to import them as cvs with the import addon. In this respect I dont need prepaired data for Jreviews rather only as excel file. Do you have a solution? 400,- € are not too expensive, but it is for a test project and it would be better to pay fewer for that.
  11. Michael Pusch

    Jreviews as a gallery :-)

    Thanks Alejandro, I think an improvement of the media functions in the future should be useful for many users, not only for a gallery. The main reason for trying to build a gallery with jreviews is the possibility to upload pictures in a very comfortably way from the frontend. Most gallerys don't have this feature or it's very complicated. Additional the gallery in my XenForo 2 is very bad and a catastrophy for SEO :-(
  12. Jreviews is all: Directory, marketplace, glossary, recipes and so on. Because all gallerys for Joomla that I know are not so sophisticated (in my mind) I try to use the powerfull flexibility of Jreviews to build a gallery 🙂 At the moment I'm hanging a little bit, because I have a media modul with choosing category and using custom where parameters. This is what I need in the media menu, but there are no possibilities. As well choosing my media as media list lists all media of all categories and not only them in my new media category. Is there a way to hack this with a little code? Or is it evtually something for a feature request? I think Jreviews would be a nice and powerfull gallery. I give you a screenshot from my work at the moment. It looks like a gallery.
  13. Michael Pusch

    Advanced Filtering Module User Search

    Implemented the advanced search modul only with a user search in this area and all works fine for me and it's not necessary to build something like that in an advanced filter modul. If someone else need a user search in a modul please consider to enable the possibility of user search in global config > search. I forgot this an wondering why it doesn't work....
  14. Michael Pusch

    Advanced Filtering Module User Search

    I can try an advanced search modul for this. It's only for this listing type and I don't know how many people need this in an advanced filter modul. Only want to ask for this before I take the other modul. I thougt in could be possible in a non documented quick way.
  15. Michael Pusch

    Advanced Filtering Module User Search

    Found it in this doc at the end: Adding author search https://docs.jreviews.com/?title=Creating_custom_search_forms_with_the_Advanced_Search_module Normally the author search is not required. But I have a showcase for kitchens as listing type and they are planned in the forum. My users meant it would be useful to search for users in this showcase to find the kitchen of the user.

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