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  1. Michael Pusch

    Related Listing in a Module

    That's easy. Thank you.
  2. Is it possible to get something like a related listing in a module position or as a shortcode in the listing or banner field? I will explain clearer: There is a directory of sellers and they can create different listings in different categories. If a listing from a seller was created in another category I want, that a module displays, that contents the listing from the seller directory. This can be user related (User-ID) or from a related field in the new listing. I checked the shortcodes but can't find anything that displays it automatically in relation of the listing user. Links: This is a seller entry in the directory: https://www.kuechen-forum.de/kuechenstudios/schneider-kuechen-4149/ This is a selling product in another category: https://www.kuechen-forum.de/musterkuechen/musterkueche-haecker-bristol-esche-lackiert-4245/ At the end of the product page is a related listing field with a link to the sellers page. And this I want to place somewhere else. In a module for example. Is it possible?
  3. Michael Pusch

    Translation FILTERS_RANGE_MIN

    I can imagine it. It could be something to do with a wrong keyboard layout for ", and if it is wrong one time, everybody is copying the same error. It's like a virus. 🙂 But it is only a presumption from me. I don't know the real reason. But now it's working fine.
  4. Michael Pusch

    Translation FILTERS_RANGE_MIN

    It's curious, but when I type it letter for letter in my default.po in overrides, it seems to work. Thanks.
  5. Michael Pusch

    Translation FILTERS_RANGE_MIN

    Thanks, I will try it in the evening. In the meanwhile I followed your tip and changed the english language core file and it worked.
  6. Michael Pusch

    Translation FILTERS_RANGE_MIN

    I deleted all possible caches and nothing changed. Today in the morning again. For testing I changed the core default.po file in component folder with the same result. No translation in advanced filter module.
  7. Tried to translate following phrases from the default.po in my override folder but nothing happens. Cache was cleared. Is there another position for this phrases? msgid "FILTERS_RANGE_MIN" msgstr "Min" msgid "FILTERS_RANGE_MAX" msgstr "Max" msgid "FILTERS_RANGE_DELIMITER" msgstr "bis"
  8. Michael Pusch

    How to add currency format

    Cool stuff. Thanks a lot.
  9. Michael Pusch

    How to add currency format

    That works perfect for me. Thank you. A little additional question and I know it is out of regular support - But I will try it. 😉 If I have a checkbox field with two options. I.E. Yes and No. Is it possible to give this field intern a decimal value to calculate another thing? Example: Yes = 0 and No = 150 I'm reading the manual up and down and use than the try and error method. At the moment without success.
  10. Michael Pusch

    How to add currency format

    I solved the devide problem with the slash. Seems to be logical. Another problem for me is to cut the price without decimals. I.E. not 2014,145678,- $ Better: 2014,- $
  11. Just playing with the banner field and php bases formating and have a little question. $price = $CustomFields->fieldValue('jr_price',$entry); $volume = $CustomFields->fieldValue('jr_volume',$entry); $total = $price * $volume; return $total; How can I put in the currency format like this: 1200,- € instead of 1200 And additional: How can I devide? In this way? $total = $price / $volume;
  12. Michael Pusch

    Map is showing in list page

    And sorry, the code above was from the old file. The new blogview.thtml don't have this code like you described.
  13. Michael Pusch

    Map is showing in list page

    Works fine. Thank you.
  14. Michael Pusch

    Map is showing in list page

    I think it is because this code, which is new in Blogview.thtml $this->config->withType($listing_type_id); } if ( $isMobile ) { $show_map = false; } else { $show_map = (!isset($GeomapsCenter) /*not proximity search*/ && $this->config->{'geomaps.enable_map_list'}) || (isset($GeomapsCenter) /*proximity search*/ && $this->config->{'geomaps.enable_map_search'}) ; } Now I'm using the old blogview.thtml and the map is not showing.
  15. Michael Pusch

    Map is showing in list page

    After the update to all list pages are showing the map, even though this is disabled in listing type config and menu config. I don't have any overrides in this area.

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