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    Known issues with JReviews 3.1.1 and PHP 7.2.2

    Thanks Alejandro, I will submit a ticket.
  2. I am running a install of jreviews, PHP 7.22 and Joomla 3.8.12 I am experiencing issues with S3 media uploads in addition to the link video. Images say they were uploaded successfully when they aren't, and the video link just keeps spinning like its trying to add it, but it never does. For the image uploads, I have the photos configured to upload to a S3 bucket that I know works. For the link video, I have the YouTube API configured. I know my keys work because I use the same keys in EasySocial and I am able to upload to my s3 bucket and link youtube videos with no issues. I have even performed a fresh install of Joomla with no additional extensions or templates and installed and configured jreviews to eliminate extension conflicts as possible blockers. My question is, are there any know compatibility issues with the version of Joomla, php and jreviews listed above.

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