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  1. Like always, GREAT support and software that does EVERYTHING. Thank you Alejandro it works. I will fine-tune further
  2. Hi, Been chewing my head off trying to figure out how to do this. Example, I want to create a menu or a blog article called "IT Asset Management Products with the highest Support Rating " where Support is a criteria in the review section This means it must display all the products where "Support" was given a rating and list them in descending order I can use the Advanced Filter and set this up, and then create a menu link with the resulting URL or I can just embed the module into the article. But what do I specify as "custom where" values to get the results Thank you for assisting
  3. Thanks, I might be able to come up with something......with some creativity...... Jreviews is powerful, so is Joomla, so is Acymailing, along with another membership component(Membership Pro) I built a leads-distribution website complete with PayFast as my payment gateway....without a single line of code change..... Just gotta know how to apply the strengths of the technologies you have, Stay tuned
  4. Hi all, Wanted to know about the following. I'm launching a third Jreviews site. I list businesses along with their products and services. I set up reviews for the products and the services but not for the business. I want the overall review/value for all of their products add up to something like "Total Value for ABC's Products" and Total Value for ABCs Services to count as a rating for the company. This means a company's review is derived from the cumulative reviews of their offerings. I've looked at some workaround or method, but can't find any Thanks
  5. IvorJ

    JReviews PaidListing and AcyMailing

    Hi JAN44, I use JReviews, OSMemberPro and AcyMailing Enterprise. I found a semi-elegant way to move users into and out of a Joomla group depending on their OSM membership. OSM also comes with an ACYMailing plugin to do exatly the same. Lets say someone has put their CV into the Engineering Category for a job, and you want them to be notified once an employer posts a job in that category. You will need Acymailing Enterprise. Create a smart news letter to send a Joomla article link (the Jreviews listing job) to a filter (those that belong to the Engineering-looking-a-job category). You can set parameters. But the person needs to subscribe to a OSM plan (for FREE). This plan moves the user into the Acymailing group "Engineering". In Acy you'll create an Engineering List and create the newsletter in the previous paragraph. Hope it makes sense. I used this exact method to create a Lead-Sales-generation site......hmm
  6. Hi Peter, Seems this is breaking the related listings in JR3. Disabling overrides then all works fine. This is the only oeverride I have on my site. I've tried making work but no success Thanks
  7. Hi.. Found the issue. Thanks for looking at my site in an attempt to resolve. Strangely, the S2 Framework component has been running in disabled state......for JR2.x.....I saw it a while back but thought, heck, everything is running smoothly..suppose that's how is should be.. So here comes JR3. After uninstalling and upgrading as per instructions, the S2 framework is still disabled and all seems fine. So I went through the upgrading again, BUT, there is an S2 Plugin (I'm running Joomla b.t.w). I removed this manually. I then installed the S2 framework for JR3 but before installing the Jreviews components, I went to check and had to manually enable the framework. Then installed the component and wholla.....related listings working and everything else so far Yip....9 years of fiddling with this component paid off....phew!!
  8. Hi, Seeing as there is no JReviews3.x Category yet, I will post an issue here later moving Issue :Related Listings not showing for any Listing Types
  9. IvorJ

    Upgrade now to JReviews 3

    Thank you, followed all the instructions, works perfectly. Looks good from what I can see. Well done Thank you
  10. Thank you Alejandro, will give it a go
  11. Hi, want to use this solution, where do i put it Thanks
  12. IvorJ

    User profiles addon

    Hi, I've achieved a lot using a combination of JR, Os Membership, Userprofiles. The ability in Jreviews to fine-tune access and views works very well with the ability to move users into and out of groups using OSM.
  13. Hi, I have listing owners who potentially want to list 100+ listings. I am using UserProfile and the owner sets their own company logo. They want all their listings to inherit their company logo as an image/logo for the listings. Hope I am explaining it well enough. Thanks for helping

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