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  1. Thanks, I'll give this a try!
  2. Hello, How do I (or where is the file) to customize the form when someone adds a listing? I want to change the text "Listing Title" to "Business Name" or something along those lines. Thanks, J
  3. jav100

    WidgetFactory Configuration Questions

    Hi, I have been tinkering around with the add-on - it seems to perform all the necessary functions (the module is a good way to automate the widget use). One quick question - in the doc file, for theme customization a file is listed that I do not see any longer : • /com_jreviews_addons/widgetfactory/views/themes/widgetfactory/theme_css/ widget_custom_styles.css Has it been changed? Also noticed that on my test site, if I click on 'View all Widgets' from the module on the detail page, and then click back on my browser, the theme does not load correctly (might have nothing to do with site, and only browser- just an observation).
  4. jav100

    WidgetFactory Configuration Questions

    Thanks Alejandro for the useful and timely reply, I will give this a go.
  5. Hello, I am thinking of purchasing this WidgetFactory with the hopes that each business owner for each listing will use the single listing option and put this on their website and in essence, create a back link to my website. I want to better understand how this would work. I skimmed through the web page and documentation but had these questions: 1.) Does the widgetfactory add a link on each listing for someone to grab the html code and paste the widget on their website? If yes, how does someone grab the code, and what access do they need? From what I understand, a new menu is created where multiple options to 'get widget' code is accessed Is it only for those who admin access to the listing (have claimed the listing), or is this access configurable (i.e. guests, listing owner, etc.). I think this is covered in the doc in the "User Specific Option"? Ideally, the add-on would dynamically configure the widget so it automatically links back to the listing and supplies the code for the publisher/listing owner so I need not manually do this for each listing. If this is the case, how does it handle someone who has listing manager access to multiple sites? 2.) How often does the widget update? Is this settable by the module cache options? Or where/how is it configurable? 3.) Are metrics shareable (If track clicks and impressions enabled) with listing owners? Where exactly is this accessed if yes?
  6. jav100

    migrate jReviews to v3

    Hi, I am not a developer, but curious as to what your opening hours script does? I suspect it creates a standard format for opening hours?
  7. jav100

    Coupon/Voucher Generator

    Thanks, I am building a briefing/requirements doc and will send this week.
  8. Hello, I would like to create an add-on that automatically/dynamically takes some of the data from a Jreviews listings + a few custom fields that the listing owner can configure to make a coupon or voucher that website visitors can download/print and use. The coupon/voucher would contain mostly text and perhaps an image or two. This functionality would only be available to certain types of listing owners and not all. As mentioned above, the coupon or voucher should then be printable (by printing the screen or by generating a PDF that is download/printable). I would like this to be an addon that I could install or uninstall without having to make manual code edits to files. I can provide a wireframe/example and provide more instruction. If you can private message me a fixed price estimate and examples of related work that would be great.
  9. Hello, I noticed while analyzing YELP that they will list the number of photos (I suppose user review submitted) and number of reviews within the page title of the listing, as well as the meta description. This helps make the page title and meta description more interesting to search engines and they will view the content as more recently updated given it would be dynamically updated based on activity on the page. Any chance this could be an option for a future release? It would work much like the options to pull data from fields in SEO manager, and use a simple calculation to generate the numbers. Example below: Fitness Factory Gym - 13 Photos & 30 Reviews - Gyms - 15 Grand Ave ... https://www.yelp.com› Active Life › Fitness & Instruction › Gyms Rating: 2.5 - ‎30 reviews 30 reviews of Fitness Factory Gym "Local gym- can be crowded with people but ... It is not perfect but closest gym near palpark area. ... Mary C. Ridgefield, NJ.
  10. Hello, Is there a way to allow the media upload during a user submitted review process to be part of the first step (when filling out review fields) instead of a second separate step? If no, how do I add/edit the text to inform the reviewer they can upload media such as photos or videos in the review process? In the Jreviews documentation (page 15), there is a message appears at the bottom of the review fields "You will be able to upload media right after you submit your review". I do not see this text appear anymore, so I would like to add it back/activate it/or edit it to motivate reviews to upload media such as photos. The other alternative to motivate persons to upload media I think would be to include some custom text on the listing page itself, but more reminders would be helpful. Any other suggestions or thoughts are welcomed. Thanks!
  11. jav100

    Custom Field Calculation

    Thanks Alejandro - will let you know where I land with this.
  12. Hi, I would like to adding membership pricing details as data items users can add to their review. For the types of listings my site provides reviews about, members can usually pay monthly, bi-monthly or every three , six, or 12 months. With this in mind, I would like to collect what they paid - and the time term. I would like to then have the system compute the monthly cost automatically, so that an average can be displayed for the listing. I imagine this could be accomplished by adding two fields: Field 1. - Membership term type - radio select style with options of monthly, bi-monthly, or 3/6/12 month membership Field 2. Price paid for above membership Then a simple PHP script could be used to calculate the price paid per month based on the term/amount paid. I would also likely include a field around start-up fees as those are sometimes collected too. Has anyone done something like this before? I understand a field can be setup with PHP formatting for one field, but I wonder if there is an easy solution to grab the output from field 1 so field 2 can make the calculation. otherwise, i would have to ask the user to do the calculation based on how they paid which would be more tedious.
  13. jav100

    Canonical Issues with Joomla

    Thanks Alejandro - appreciate the tips!
  14. jav100

    Canonical Issues with Joomla

    Thanks - I had seen this suggested elsewhere too so I will give it a go. I'm surprised it is that easy to fix. Do this fix also then help if I have made internal links using both formats (www vs. no www prefix)? I assume it does given the redirect will still come into play
  15. Hi, I have a fairly large site running Joomla/Jreviews and have a canonical issue - where some pages include the www prefix in front of my domain name and others do not. I googled a few solutions to this problem but they all seem to be different - I am wondering if anyone has had the same issue and can recommend an easy fix? Also, I have not enabled the Jreviews SEF plugin (don't ask why I haven't enabled it yet). I did find a plug-in called Canonical plugin for Joomla- has anyone had experience with it? From what I understand, having two versions of the website or two referring links makes Google think there is duplicate content. I also understand Joomla 3 introduced canonical links which has had some issues so I am a bit confused. Is this an easy fix or better to have someone with SEO/Developer experience to fix?

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