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  1. capeinfo

    Acymailing plugin

    Acyba has updated the JReviews plugin on my development server. It should be available on their server shortly.
  2. capeinfo

    Acymailing plugin

    Hi Daniel & Alejandro Thank you both for your responses. I am in touch with Acyba and have pointed them to this forum post. I have also offered them access to CapeInfo's development domain for testing purposes. Kind regards, Carl
  3. capeinfo

    Acymailing plugin

    Hi Daniel, do you know if Acyba resolved this? The plugin on their website still generates the same problem. Thanks Carl
  4. capeinfo

    notify_url required by PayFast

    Ivor, I was - and it worked perfectly well - but I stopped using it for other reasons. I am about to start using it again.
  5. This problem is recurring. I had it with the last upgrade and then again today for

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