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  1. capeinfo

    notify_url required by PayFast

    Ivor, I was - and it worked perfectly well - but I stopped using it for other reasons. I am about to start using it again.
  2. This problem is recurring. I had it with the last upgrade and then again today for
  3. Hi I have a payment handler for PayFast which works correctly in every way except it doesn't publish the entry after payment is received. This might be due to the fact that PayFast requires a notify_url added in the merchant's PayFast settings. This is essentially a callback url. Their description is "This page would do all the 'work' which is required (e.g. updating the order in your database), when using our ITN method. This page is 'called' by our server directly after a successful payment and before the user is redirected to the Success Page." I'm guessing this will be /com_jreviews_addons/paidlistings/plugins/paidlistings.php. How should the URL be added to the PayFast site? Thanks Carl

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