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  1. Hi Alejandro, I am testing around a possible migration to Wordpress (needed for Woocommerce) from a Joomla website but i have a question related to the loading of the custom fields. In the Joomla installation i am altering the existing numeric field to a range selector with: <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery( document).ready(function() { $("#primary").css("background-color", "yellow"); $('.jr_mhi51.jrInteger').attr({ type: 'range', class: 'gradient blank', max: '5', min: '0', step: '1' }); //alert('test'); }); </script> The above code runs showing me the yellow background for #primary or the alert popup. But the custom field ".jr_mhi51.jrInteger" itself does not change after loading (which takes a small second after page load). Are the fields included by a function using lazy load or some other jQuery part which is overruling my code? Jasper
  2. Hi, I am busy with a DB design where the client would like to store the timestamp into a field as there could be multiple addings on a particular day. In the best setup the time should be select-able and search-able as well (to be able to select an earlier time on the same day). Just a tought, maybe as a future field request ? Jasper
  3. Hi, In the mylistings easysocial app. I would like to add a custom SQL condition to only show particular listings where a field has a certain value. Per default the app has no "custom where" field to be filled. Is it possible to add this condition somewhere ? Japer
  4. Hi, I am including a detailed reviews view on a template with the normal call <?php echo $Rating->detailedRatings($listing,'user');?> Downside is that it only shows the ratings + stars when there is a minimum of 1 review present. Is it possible to call the detailed reviews output (show tags + empty stars) even when there are no reviews? As now my template holds an empty place. Jasper
  5. Oh man, great! :-) I tried the concat earlier in different ways in the SQL statement, never thought of adding a sub around the first id Thanks!
  6. Hi, Maybe someone is able to help me with this one. Can't get the right expression. I created a custom list menu item where i want to show all listings which are connected through a related listing field AND owned by the current logged in user from another category through custom where, so i have: Field.jr_relatedauthorservice IN (SELECT id FROM #__content WHERE created_by = {user_id}) But this query returns zero listings as jreviews stores the related listing id with a * around the number like *25275* When i call the listing_id directly with a wildcard i get the expected results. Field.jr_relatedauthorservice IN ('*25275*' , '*24542*') Does anyone knows how to add the * chars before and after the subquery results? Jasper
  7. Hi, Can the JReviews Reviewer Rank Module be extended with the listing type, directory and custom where field options so i can include/exclude certain parts to only show relevant top reviewers per website section? Jasper
  8. Jreviews Addict

    Listing details and images submission in one page

    +1 i am experiencing the same thing. People do not understand the process flow. Another idea is to keep the current way but show a "steps" progress bar in the heading.
  9. Jreviews Addict

    Add more Predefined Email Replies ?

    Hi Alejandro, is it possible to add more Predefined email reply text fields in the next release (let's say up to at least 10 ;-) With 12 Listing types i am a bit short ;-) Jasper
  10. Jreviews Addict

    Display order created date in theme file

    Yes understood but i forgot how to access it directly :-)
  11. Jreviews Addict

    Display order created date in theme file

    Hi, On prx($listing); I get: [PaidOrder] => Array ( [7882] => Array ( [order_id] => 7882 [order_id_renewal] => 0 [listing_id] => 24867 [user_id] => 14034 [order_amount] => 0.00 [order_discount] => 0.00 [order_tax] => 0.00 [coupon_name] => [order_created] => 2017-09-21 15:51:58 [order_renewal] => 0000-00-00 00:00:00 [order_expires] => 0000-00-00 00:00:00
  12. Hi, I am always a bit confused how to output a variable from the $listings array, I want to show the order date in a template file and thought this: $listing['PaidOrder']['order_created']; But of-course no luck :-) Jasper
  13. Jreviews Addict

    Run custom script on Active & Expired paidlisting ?

    I was re-thinking. Isn't it easier for JReviews users to have 2 "php" enabled textfields per paidlisting plan in the paidlisting add-on? This way people can write custom scripts on: - plan active - plan expired (maybe even more?) without the need to make code override files This enabled directly a "custom script" section on your documentation area where people can post different integration scripts to other software (like me to Acymailing for example).
  14. Jreviews Addict

    Lossless compression of images integration

    Hi Alejandro, No, no native functions of PHP known by me. I reacted on the forum post in the understanding that imagemagick (installed or installable on about any server) could also be used as compression. Now the website does not specifically indicates a PHP integration but i found some code snippets through goog search which offer compression PHP integration, like: <?php $dir = '/home/some_directory/'; // the directory with your files $compr = 80; // the quality precentage if ($handle = opendir($dir)) { while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) { $path = $dir.$file; if (is_file($path)) { $ext = pathinfo($path, PATHINFO_EXTENSION); if (preg_match('/^(jpg|jpeg)$/i', $ext)) { exec(sprintf('convert %s -quality %d %s', $path, $compr, $path)); } } } closedir($handle); } http://www.web-development-blog.com/archives/best-methods-to-optimize-jpeg-images-for-websites/ But true... if a webserver does not have imagemagick installed and the hosting providers does not want to then the extra addition to jreviews is worthless. Some PHP github repo's i found offering compression through PHP: https://github.com/bachors/PHP-Image-Compressor-Class https://github.com/psliwa/image-optimizer But that makes Jreviews dependant of other peoples code again. Okay.... yes then online is better. I was just thinking about the extra costs of such a service. I would like to pay for a compression plugin but a monthly subscription to such a service costs me more money at the end. Also thinking of the volume of images which will go through such a service (as they probs sell bandwith packages) Jasper
  15. Jreviews Addict

    Lossless compression of images integration

    +1 although i think it should be a native compression plugin, not relying on an external service

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