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  1. tenaki


    Thanks. I like how you have put it all together, how is it going?
  2. tenaki


    Made a nice job of that, its very tidy and easy to navigate. Can I ask if that is a custom theme or ireviews template
  3. Hi is there a way to make the description a paid option?
  4. Sorry Alejandro my mistake for some reason I couldn't see it and wasn't adding jr_email but inquiry_widget I really don't know why..
  5. In my contact field group I have phone, email, website. All listings have a website and phone but not all have an email address The enquiry form <?php echo $this->element("inquiry_widget");?> is a custom field in detail.thml and shows on all listings regardless of if the listing has an email attached to it. This listing for example has no email address attached to it but the form still shows https://www.touringtenting.co.uk/shropshire/ebury-hill-camping-caravanning-club-site Hope that makes sense
  6. Hi sorry to come back to this after so long but struggling to get the right if statement, whatever I use seems wrong as the enquiry form disappears even when the listing has an email I am using <?php echo $this->element("inquiry_widget");?> And need it to show if the listing has an email or hide if it doesn't
  7. I am on v2.7.24.1 at the moment will V3 be available soon?
  8. Oh, will have to ask sourcecoast what they think and see how to change it Thanks for the pointer
  9. Still trying to root out my social media woes when automatically sharing. I ran the debugger again and https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing/?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.touringtenting.co.uk%2Fcampsite-news-and-articles%2Faa-caravan-camping-awards and got the message Image Too SmallProvided og:image URL, https://ir-uk.amazon-adsystem.com/e/ir?t=tourandtent-21&l=am2&o=2&a=0749579080 was not valid because it did not meet the minimum size constraint of 200px by 200px. The link is a joomla article but I added the photo to my "stories" folder which is the one used to store jreviews images that are hosted on Amazon Do you know if I can change that to make Amazon show a larger og:image?
  10. Ah I might have removed that sometime back and forgot to add it back in. thank you
  11. Yes <?php echo $this->element("inquiry_widget");?>
  12. Probably missed this somewhere but can I hide the enquiry form if the listing has no email?
  13. I don't why that would work in joomla redirects but you solution does, thanks
  14. https://www.touringtenting.co.uk/home/41-devon/1061-cofton-country-holidays.html https://www.touringtenting.co.uk/home/84-highlands-and-moray/1349-dornoch-firth-caravan-park.html Tried to redirect using joomla redirect but still error. Any ideas The correct url should be https://www.touringtenting.co.uk/devon/cofton-country-holidays https://www.touringtenting.co.uk/highlands-and-moray/dornoch-firth-caravan-park
  15. Ah I see, what I never understand though is sometimes they work well. Not being awkward just confused

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