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    sky got a reaction from Dennis T. in setting to control WHO can see listing views click   
    I suggest to add setting to control what user can see listing views click like: everyone, listing owner, manager and above user group.
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    sky got a reaction from n00bster in pull data from DB and output to jreview list and detail page   
    with the great help from Alejandro, I can pull data from DB and output to a banner custom field for jreview page.
    my use case example below is to output hikashop product price to jreview page. you can find out the data table name you need from your DB
    1. create a Banner Code custom field
    2. put below codes to the PHP Based Formatting section, jr_productid is a custom field I created to store hikashop product id.
    $productId = (int) $CustomFields->fieldValue('jr_productid', $entry); $price = $DB->setQuery("SELECT price_value from jos_hikashop_price WHERE price_product_id = $productId")->loadResult(); return $price; 3. you can format the output like this too by replace the return code:
    return '<strong>'.number_format($price,0).'</strong>';
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    sky got a reaction from John lambton in add seperate "filter screen" for advance search module to save space   
    when the advace search module has many options, it takes too much space for both desktop and mobile view. it would be nice if the module can have a display mode like this:

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