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  1. Hi I suggest to add setting to control what user can see listing views click like: everyone, listing owner, manager and above user group.
  2. sky

    Google Map Billing

    How to reduce the jS API calls? I am also over the free plan limit. If google crawls my pages with map, Am I paying for that too?
  3. how to disable the compare button from list page?
  4. How to post private ticket in new support system?
  5. sky

    Email My List?

    Any built in share button in jreview? Possible for another user to one click copy the list into his own list?
  6. sky

    Adding a watermark on image

    I can not get it working for images in S3. anyone using s3?
  7. please add MODERATION notification to admin so that admin can review and approve them. https://www.screencast.com/t/7eJ0qk8Lwr
  8. AMP page only shows when searching with google, right? If user opens the website directly with mobile, AMP will not show, right? one downsite of the AMP page is that user will not see other site contents and menus.
  9. sky

    JCE Editor 2.6.14 - not showing up

    I am running jreview v2.7.17.2. JCE not longer shows in edit listing. applied the patch, still not working. I am running an old ver of JCE pro.
  10. for each listing I want the system auto assing a unique number to it (admin and user can not change it) so that I can search these number to find the listing. with the great help from Alejandro who makes it possible, here are the steps to create such field: 1. created an integer field jr_yourfield 2. run the below query (replace your field name) in phpmyadmin to make the all existing listing's field values to not repeated so that the field can be change to auto-increment. select @i := 0; UPDATE tkm7_jreviews_content SET jr_yourfield = (select @i := @i + 1) order by jr_yourfield asc; ALTER TABLE tkm7_jreviews_content ADD INDEX (`jr_yourfield`); 3. Then change the column for it in phpMyAdmin #__jreviews_content and make it autoincrement. https://www.screencast.com/t/3bs1RuiUy 4. remove all edit right so that users can not see it in edit mode, and only enable view right https://www.screencast.com/t/KJn449TnVvUz 5. Done. add new listing and saved. unique number will be assigned to listing. thanks Alejandro for all the work again.
  11. sky

    Upcoming Mobile App

    Since the app is different codebase. My site is running jreviews, and many other extensions like hikashop, easyblog, etc... I wonder if the app login can have a way to share the login session to other extensions, which will be opened in webview inside the app so that users don't need to login again. It will be very useful.
  12. it would be good if you can consider adding a feature like this in the future https://www.screencast.com/t/Hu8dK2En96Jq http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/2235-3rd-St_San-Francisco_CA_94107_M10954-65902
  13. with the great help from Alejandro, I can pull data from DB and output to a banner custom field for jreview page. my use case example below is to output hikashop product price to jreview page. you can find out the data table name you need from your DB 1. create a Banner Code custom field 2. put below codes to the PHP Based Formatting section, jr_productid is a custom field I created to store hikashop product id. $productId = (int) $CustomFields->fieldValue('jr_productid', $entry); $price = $DB->setQuery("SELECT price_value from jos_hikashop_price WHERE price_product_id = $productId")->loadResult(); return $price; 3. you can format the output like this too by replace the return code: return '<strong>'.number_format($price,0).'</strong>';

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