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  1. To have a solution that fits multiple people requires the code and the UI to be much more modular than what a single person would normally build for himself. So even if someone was willing to share what he built, it is likely that many potential users would find the solution not fitting their needs. Furthermore, the coding standards are paramount for future development of the extension and for assuring reliable functionality and compatibility with multiple systems (PHP versions and so on). It is very unlikely that a person that built a solution for himself would take all that into account, since it is unessential to his needs yet requires many times the effort and time. In short, a different approach is needed when building something for the masses vs. tailoring it just to your own website's use. So a person 'sharing his code' may unfortunately not be relevant in many cases.
  2. Recommendation for recent work: https://forum.jreviews.com/topic/3798-jreviews-programmer-developer-code-and-functionality-customizations/page-2?do=findComment&comment=127140 All the best, Gigi
  3. Thank you Sabih :) Looking forward to working with you again.
  4. If you need jReviews functionality additions or code customization - I can do the work for you. I am highly familiar with jReviews' inner workings and taking PHP/MySQL, jReviews, Wordpress and Joomla projects regularly, as well as programming, maintaining and marketing my own websites. You can view a couple of examples of my jReviews related work: jReviews application - work integrated into the official release of jReviews: - Core code: Optional review criteria, multiple editor reviews and new averaging routines - scroll to "A big thanks" 😉 - PaidListings add-on: Programming of the Stripe, Mollie and Coinbase add-ons, as well as refactoring of existing PaidListings code. PharmacyReviewer.com: - Filtering reviews and ratings recalculation based on reviews custom fields - List pages for jReviews custom fields with custom AJAX search Feel free to contact me (gigi at phpmycoder dot com) if you want to see a more detailed client sites portfolio, or to learn more about larger web development companies that I have worked with. What you will receive: * Customization of jReviews or other applications on your website (Joomla, SEF, Wordpress and so on) according to your instructions. * Full follow up support. * Money back guarantee and 'code rollback' in case you happen not to be satisfied. Feel free to contact me (gigi at phpmycoder dot com) and describe the project you have in mind! Talk soon.. Gigi

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