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    Could not wait (excited and all that at open source) the upgrade worked for me and perfectly as always. Thank you very much, this is good on so many levels.
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    For the My Lists menu type: - In the 'My Lists' tab the 'User Lists Order', 'User Lists page total' and 'User Lists limit per page' settings are ignored. I did not check the the other settings in this tab. -In the 'Page Display' tab the 'Browser Page Title', 'Show Page Heading' and 'Page Heading' settings are ignored. I did not check the the other settings in this tab. For the User Lists menu type: - In the 'Page Display' tab the 'Use Global' option for the 'Show Page Heading' setting is ignored, 'Yes' and 'No' work as expected. 'Browser Page Title' and 'Page Heading' also works as expected. I did not check the the other settings in this tab. I also noticed that line 20 in mylists.thtml and lists.thtml is different. <?php if (isset($page['title']) && $page['title'] != '' && $page['show_title']):?> vs <?php if (isset($page['title']) && $page['title'] != '' && isset($page['show_title']) && $page['show_title']):?> Should these be the same?
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    Hi Alejandro, First off congrats on the bold move going to opensource. I hope this works out for everyone and you are blessed in your venture. I am getting an error when attempting to upgrade/install the addons through the app store. "cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate (see http://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/libcurl-errors.html)" cURL support is enabled on the local server. I have a local issued ssl cert and the error 60 is as follows: CURLE_SSL_CACERT (60) Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with known CA certificates. I attempted to visit the app store in both http and https urls for the local install. Thanks! ADD: Will run through the process on the D.O. server to make sure there are no errors there, which there should not be being it is a known CA.
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    I'm using wampserver and should have known to search the web for that error just figured it might have been on your end. You were right though and that error usually can be fixed across all platforms using the same fix. For anyone else having the same "cURL error 60" error on a local server do a search for "cacert.pem" without quotes in your install directory or use the one located in /com_s2framework/vendor/guzzle/guzzle/src/Guzzle/Http/Resources/ Copy the path and add it to your php.ini file. To place the path in the ini file open php.ini in an editor. find: ;curl.cainfo = replace with as an example: curl.cainfo = path_to/cacert.pem In my case it ended up as: curl.cainfo = C:\wamp64\www\install-folder-name\components\com_s2framework\vendor\guzzle\guzzle\src\Guzzle\Http\Resources\cacert.pem
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    Jreviews 3.5 upgrade? or update?

    My last jreviews purchase was: JReviews for Joomla - $179.00 GeoMaps - $69.00 PaidListings - $69.00 MyLists - $39.00 UserProfiles - $39.00 total - $395.00 Plus iReview Template - $30 Grand total - $425.00 and that does not include the FacebookApp at that time, ListingResources - $39, Inport Addon - $69, Payment Stripe -$39 etc... addons to name a few, totaling another $147 which would have cost, for everything, $572.00. Plus the fact there has not been any price increases for the last five years really makes the $427.00 price tag for everything in the jreviews arsenal a really good deal.
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    Custom Map Styles

    Thanks Alejandro, also the link in geomaps settings gives a 404 http://gmaps-samples-v3.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/styledmaps/wizard/index.html https://mapstyle.withgoogle.com/ is a good link which gives loads of options to customise the maps.
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    Custom Map Styles

    Finally they are removed, I pasted the json into each map module, I'm not sure why but the modules don't seem to use the settings in the Geomaps addon configuration.
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    These notices appear when viewing a specific list. Notice: Undefined variable: fieldOrderArray in .../components/com_jreviews_addons/mylists/views/themes/mylists/lists/listings_tableview.thtml on line 43 Notice: Undefined variable: ratingCriteriaOrderArray in .../components/com_jreviews_addons/mylists/views/themes/mylists/lists/listings_tableview.thtml on line 43
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    Michael Pusch

    Pictures rotated after upload

    Don't need a timeline. Tomorrow is sufficient. 😀 Seriously, it will be a useful feature for the future to be able rotating pictures. A button in the picture editor to rotate left or right would be nice. It should be possible with default server moduls like GD or Imagick, because not every hoster published special binary ones. Thanks for dealing with this topic.

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