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    I am using the following shortcode in an article (and numerous other places) [jreviews type="listings" listing="924" summary="1" editor_rating="0" extension="com_easysocial" tn_size="200x200" tmpl_suffix="_teachers"] The issue that I am getting is that when the user is assigned a default easysocial avatar on registration, the shortcodes do not show that avatar. If the avatar is specifically uploaded by the user then that avatar will show. If I don't assign a default avatar on registration and turn on the Easysocial option "Named Based Pictures for Users Without Picture," the avatar is still not shown ( I registered a new user and created a new listing to test this). If this is expected behaviour, could you perhaps point me in the direction of the relevant file that controls this behaviour? I first discovered the issue with Easysocial 2.2.4 and JReviews I was able to replicate the problem using Easysocial 2.2.7 and JReviews In both cases I was using Everywhere Addon v. Joomla version was 3.8.12
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    Schema - Structured Data Issues

    I have been reviewing the structured data and trying to find the best fit for my different listing types while producing the least amount of errors in the schema and still being informative to the search engines. My Site offers reviews (which are the actual listings) of different product and services and allows users to submit their own reviews. Depending on how you read into things and the examples I have seen on the net I could set the object type to a number of different things: Article, NewsArticle, Product, Review, CriticReview, LocalBusiness The one thing I notice that the dateModified is missing. This is important as my listings once published never are removed. Can you add dateModified (using the Article Modified date) to the structured data to show Google that our "listings" have been updated and are current? This is also recommended by Google. The other thing I notice while using the Structure Testing Tool is that some user reviews ratingValue is listed at 0.6 which is out of the default range set. The low rating is fine but can you modify the output to set the ratingValue to the lowest of 1 so it doesn't generate these Schema errors? I was using Product and Organization before. I am thinking of keeping it Product but maybe switching to Article so that the Author property can be used properly and not create another structured error. I was also thinking of maybe using Review object type but this creates a warning since the aggregated Rating is within the object type. Thanks
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    Hi, under the Link the following error message appears: The page you are looking for can't be found Error 0 - Too few arguments to function S2Array::get(), 1 passed in /var/www/vhosts/jelbesberlin.de/httpdocs/components/com_jreviews_addons/maps/controllers/components/maps_geocoding.php on line 92 and at least 2 expected Bodo
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    Icon in the title field

    I'm not sure I understood, however I solved as follows. Regards
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    Thanks for the clarification. Since this is a migration of media from an existing site the other issue I encountered was that of file permissions. I used Cyberduck to upload everything to the individual Spaces I created for each media type. By default all files are private. There's no way to change this to public in bulk through the Spaces Control Panel so it needs to be done through Cyberduck. Other file managers such as Transit for Mac can do this as well. Be warned though! This takes a very long time if you have a large number files. At least that was my experience attempting this with Cyberduck. The better option is to use the command line tool s3cmd. DigitalOcean has some good articles on installation and use. https://www.digitalocean.com/docs/spaces/resources/s3cmd/ https://www.digitalocean.com/docs/spaces/resources/s3cmd-usage/ I highly recommend using this tool. You can upload an entire directory and change the permissions all at the same time. See the usage article above for examples. Cheers! Kurtis

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